Pink All I Know So Far on Prime Video: What is the American Rockstar Documentary Worth?  - Cinema News

Pink All I Know So Far on Prime Video: What is the American Rockstar Documentary Worth? – Cinema News

Available since Friday on Prime Video, the documentary Pink: All I Know So Far plunges us into the intimacy of the American star, between his world tour and his family life.

What is it about ?

The documentary film P! Nk: All I Know So Far follows the singer on the Beautiful Trauma world tour in 2019. It follows the daily life of this breathtaking woman who tries to find a balance between her life as a mother, a wife, international entrepreneur and artist. P! Nk: All I Know So Far unveils footage from the tour, behind-the-scenes interviews and personal documents.

Well worth a look ?

For several months now, streaming platforms have been multiplying documentary projects on artists. This new means of promotion allows them to accompany the release of an album or to illustrate the images of a tour. And at a time when the concert halls are still closed, that can only do good …

Amazon is betting this time on the American rockstar Pink with a documentary entitled All I Know So Far. We find the singer in full tour of her previous album, Beautiful Trauma. Between two concerts, Alecia Moore, her real name, takes us into her intimacy and her family life.

She entrusted the directing to Michael Gracey, the director of The Greatest Showman. The latter pays homage to the artist and alternates between concert scenes and moments of calm. He uses black and white to highlight his moments of doubt, his existential questions, his dreams …

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Pink, surrounded by her husband Carey Hart and their two children.

All I Know so Far is a true testimony of a woman and mother, touching, fair and profound. More than her love for music and her childhood, she shares in this documentary the love she has for her family. She makes it an open letter to her two children, Willow Sage and Jameson. The latter two also hold an important place, just like her husband Carey Hart.

If you are a fan of Pink, All I Know So Far is a must see. You will appreciate even more this complete artist who advocates acceptance of self and others. And even if the music is perhaps too much in the background (the documentary is rather stingy in concert scenes, except towards the end), you will have only one desire after viewing: listen to the filmography of the artist.

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