Physical trailer: Rose Byrne puts on her lycra bodysuit in Apple TV + 's eighties series - News Séries

Physical trailer: Rose Byrne puts on her lycra bodysuit in Apple TV + ‘s eighties series – News Séries

Emilie Semiramoth
Emilie Semiramoth

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Fed up with TV series and auteur cinema, Emilie Semiramoth also does not hide her penchant for pop culture in all its eccentricities. From the bromance between Spock and Captain Kirk in Star Trek to the disillusionment of Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, she ignores gender boundaries.

Apple TV + has just unveiled the trailer for Physical, a black comedy starring Rose Byrne set in the 1980s. She plays a depressed woman who regains a taste for life thanks to aerobics.

A little slack? The Physical trailer should fix that. With her bouffant brushing and her ultra-high cut lycra bodysuit, Rose Byrne shows us how to go up the slope.

Back in the 1980s when the actress plays a housewife, Sheila Rubin, who leads an idyllic life in San Diego with her husband who is running for a political mandate and her adorable children. Idyllic, on paper only. Because Sheila is slowly dying out in her gloomy daily life. She is also grappling with her personal demons and a bad self-image …

But thanks to aerobics, here she comes to life. At first addicted to the sport itself, Sheila finds the path to emancipation when she discovers a way to merge her new passion with the booming technology of the moment … Thanks to videos, she will be able to start a revolutionary business. .

The series draws her journey, from the extinct and discredited woman to the powerful and confident entrepreneur. We then see Sheila transform into a figure of pop culture, which was completely radical at the time: a lifestyle influencer!

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