Physical on Apple TV +: Rose Byrne as aerobics queen in the first trailer

Expected for June 18 on the Apple TV + platform, “Physical” transforms Rose Byrne into an aerobics enthusiast, all under the direction of Craig Gillespie, the director of “I, Tonya” and “Cruella”.

Back in the eighties for Rose Byrne with Physical. In this new 10-episode series created by Annie Weisman, the actress rolls up her sleeves and tackles one of the key disciplines of the decade: aerobics. The neon-colored leotard, the headband, the raised socks … just take a look at the first trailer to find the iconic panoply of this activity popularized by Jane Fonda more than 40 years ago.

It is precisely in the footsteps of the Oscar-winning actress that the series seems to find its inspiration. Rose Byrne plays Sheila Rubin, a disillusioned housewife in the city of San Diego. Badly in her skin, complexed by her physique and eaten away by a life that does not suit her, she finds a refuge, if not a liberation, in aerobics. Even more, the heroine embarks on the marketing of a video cassette to follow the courses at a distance. Then begins a real success that will change his life.

In 1982, Jane Fonda entered aerobics by selling a VHS, titled Jane Fonda’s Workout. Very quickly, the phenomenon takes on a disproportionate scale and everyone tears the tape to follow the courses of the star at home. Jane Fonda’s Workout becomes one of the best-selling VHS in all of history. Physical, scheduled for June 18 on Apple TV +, is produced by Craig Gillespie, to whom we owe I, Tonya and Cruella with Emma Stone. Let’s Get Physical!

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