Any Bhutan trip would probably be incomplete if Frumsengala National Park Has not been added to the itinerary. Also popular by its short name PNP, this national park is located in the center of the country, with a total area of ​​905 square km. It is also home to 68 rare and endangered mammal species, including tigers, leopards, red pandas and Malayan giant squirrels. Over time, this park has become one of the most popular attractions in this country. Apart from housing rare animals, the park is famous for accommodating 620 plant species. Read on to learn more about Bhutan’s Phrumsengla National Park.

About Frumsengala National Park

incredible placeincredible place

Covering Bumthang, Luentse, Mongar and Zhemgang districts, Phrumsengla National Park was established in 1998, and the park has a total area of ​​768 km². The park is surrounded by majestic and tall mountains and has become a center of attraction among the locals and tourists due to its highest peak situated at an altitude of 4,000 above sea level. Since this park is located in the middle of Bhutan, the park has dramatic landscapes, and everyone should visit this area once in their lifetime. For thrill seekers, it also has many trekking trails which are popular all over the world. They cover forests and lush green parts of the land, and thus spread into a snow paradise.

There are many reasons for the ever increasing popularity of this park. It is home to many rare flora and fauna. Alpine forests are the popular vegetation in the north while subtropical broadleaf forests are in the south of this park, making it a diverse landscape. The animals found here are the Himalayan black bear, red panda, Royal Bengal tiger and snow leopard. Musk deer and langur can also be seen here. With more than 341 species of birds like Rufous-necked Hornbill, Black-necked Cranes, Blood Pheasant, Wood Snipe, Nuthatch, Blue-naped Pitta, Brown Wood Owl, Booted Eagle, Phrumsengala National Park is considered an ideal destination for bird lovers. goes. , Ultramarine Flycatcher and Back-headed Shrike Babbler among others.

Best time to visit Phrumsengala National Park

mountains and nature beautymountains and nature beauty

The park is open all year round so visitors have ample space to explore it. However, the autumn season, especially the months from October to November are suitable for tourists due to pleasant weather conditions and smooth trekking routes in complete dryness. April to June is another good time to visit and the park is covered in light red color due to the beautiful rhododendrons.

Things to do in Phrumsengala National Park

Here are some exciting activities to do when one is visiting Phrumsengla National Park in Bhutan. Read on to know what the park offers to its visitors.

1. Sightseeing

amazing sightsamazing sights


With beautiful landscapes and high wildlife viewing possibilities, this park has already become popular among all tourist destinations in Bhutan. It is known for its beautiful and picturesque walking routes, from where the natural beauty of the Himalayas is visible. The National Highway passing through the national park provides easy access to most of the ecological zones of this park.

Apart from Bhutan’s stunning landscapes, you can spot rare flora and fauna everywhere. One of the popular attractions of this park is the famous Frumsengala Pass. It is located on the highway overlooking Bhutan’s highest peak – Gangkar Phuensam. Additionally, visitors can also explore Bribadungla, which is popular for its hundreds of alpine lakes and alpine meadows.

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2. Nature tour


While at the park, enjoy a nature walk. The rocky cliffs are not only amazing to look at but climbing them also gives unique memories to the visitors. On the other hand, wild waterfalls form unique features of the pristine landscape of this park. One of the popular waterfalls of the park is Namling Waterfall, which attracts tourists from all over the world to plan a trip. There are many rocks and waterfalls that can be included in the excursion and it will definitely give you memories to last a lifetime.

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3. Wildlife watching

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You can see the wildlife closely here. If one wants to see rare animals closely in their natural habitat then driving on the highway and trekking inside the national parks would be great. The park is home to pikas, Himalayan black bears and red pandas, which can be seen roaming freely here along with leopards. The animals do not harm travelers but it is still advised to maintain distance from wild animals.

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4. Tracking


There are many breathtaking hill treks and some low altitude treks available here. One can choose as per their choice. Rodungala and Bribadungala are popular and internationally renowned mountain treks here. On the other hand, Kheng Shingkhar and Latongla treks are popular lower altitude treks here. The trekking routes of the PNP pass through diverse vegetation areas, lush forests and potential wildlife habitats. Here are some of the treks that are available in this area.

  • Rodungala Trek: 4 days and moderately difficult
  • Bribadungla Trek: 5 days and moderately difficult
  • Ura-Shingkahar Trek: 4 days and moderately difficult
  • Omdurpang to Jhongar: 1-2 days

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5. Bird watching

bird viewbird view


This park is an ideal place for bird lovers in Bhutan and it would not be wrong to call it a paradise for them. Being home to many species of beautiful birds, it is visited by many bird lovers from all over the world every year. Tragopan, monal and blood pheasants and yellow-rumped honeyguide can be seen here among other birds. November to May is the best time for bird watching as rare and migratory birds also fly here. But otherwise, birds can be seen here throughout the year.

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How to reach Phrumsengala National Park?

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Although Phrumsengala National Park is connected by air and road networks, it is also easy to reach via the East-West Highway. Apart from one’s personal car, one can also reach the place by direct bus service to Ura or stay at Chamkhar. It will take about one and a half hour to reach Chamkhar. Taxis can also be hired from the airport directly to the park.

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Are you excited to go trekking here in Phrumsengala National Park? Let the towering mountains wash over you as you explore different areas of the park. Get ready and visit this national park with your family and friends. For unlimited memories and lots of fun, do visit Frumsengala National Park. Apart from natural beauty and wildlife, you will be provided with the best possible accommodation and quality restaurants within your budget. All the restaurants in and around this park ensure high quality, fresh and delicious food in a tranquil and beautiful environment. Book your trip to Bhutan with Daily Hind News and have a great time exploring the park!

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