Choosing the perfect island for your next Spanish holiday

Spain is home to some of the most beautiful islands in the world, famous for their breathtaking landscapes, paradise beaches and historical attractions. Each and every one of them are unique and offer different experiences, so there’s a perfect destination for everyone’s needs and wants.

The location of them is not an issue either, as even the furthest of the Canary islands are incredibly accessible – there are plenty of commercial flights available or, if you fancy a more luxury experience, you may hire a private flight via JetApp from mainland Spain. Therefore, choosing the best Spanish island for your next holiday can be completely based on your personal preferences. Here’s some of our top picks for different needs:

Spanish holiday
Spanish holiday

The best nightlife

When it comes to the most awesome nightlife venues and an electric atmosphere, Ibiza has to take the crown. It is often referred to as the best party island not just in Spain but in the world, for a reason. Ibiza is absolutely filled with great beach bars, clubs and restaurants that are buzzing every single night until the early morning.

The venues here offer a range of experiences, from more affordable deals to luxury and glamour. Dance to live performances and shows, see world-famous DJs and attend some of the great festivals of your lifetime in Ibiza.

The most beautiful beaches

We would be lying if we said that you cannot find beautiful beaches in any other of the many Mediterranean islands out there. However, Mallorca always makes it at the top of the list for the best beach islands. Being the largest Spanish island, it has lush white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters stretching for miles and miles across the coastline.

Not only that, Mallorca is an incredibly friendly destination for all kinds of travellers. There are hundreds of brilliant family resorts, romantic hotels, backpacker’s guesthouses and B&Bs you can choose from, suitable for different needs and budgets. So, soaking up the sun on a paradise beach cannot get any easier than Mallorca.

Greatest hiking trails

If you are looking to spend your holidays actively, Tenerife has some epic hiking and walking trails available. It is often called the heaven for mountain lovers, since you are able to admire the incredible mountain peaks from some of the local beaches and towns. There are also lots of tours available for hiking around the rocky cliffs.

Tenerife is also home to Spain’s highest mountain peak, Mount Teide, at 3718 metres high. You may take a cable ride to the top and enjoy the most beautiful scenery. Additionally, only a boat journey away from Tenerife is La Gomera – a small island that is just as stunning and full of hiking and trekking locations.

The historical destination

You will find some historical tourist attractions in each of the Spanish islands. However, if you are looking for a real charming and cultural getaway, Menorca or Minorca has to be your top choice. The island is known to be a lot less crowded than its neighbours, such as Ibiza or Mallorca, and it is the most perfect destination for lovers of historic architecture.

There are plenty of sightseeing, historical and guided tours opportunities in Menorca, where you can visit some of the most well-preserved architecture and monuments as old as 2000 B.C. The capital of Menorca, Mahon, is home to the most charming churches and Georgian mansions in the whole of Spain.

The most stunning nature

It’s not just beaches and mountain peaks that Spain can be proud of – there are so many destinations offering the most unique landscapes for nature enthusiasts. Lanzarote, for one, is dominated by volcanic formations. You may not only admire the stunning views from the local Timanfaya National Park but also enjoy a delicious meal cooked over the heat of an active volcano in one of the restaurants there – we can bet that will be a first for you!

A smaller and perhaps less popular destination among the tourists is La Palma. It is also known as La Isla Bonita, which translates to “beautiful island”. The name perfectly represents this magnificent island, with jaw-dropping views of the jungles, mountains, volcanic vistas and the most stunning views of the countryside.

The adventurer’s heaven

Those looking for a destination full of fun and adventure will not have to look any further than Gran Canaria,  one of the largest Spanish islands. It is known to be perfect for anyone: friend groups, families with kids, honeymooners and solo travellers. The well-developed island offers pretty much every activity under the sun – quite literally.

Enjoy a wide range of water sports, such as diving, snorkelling and surfing.  Experience parascending, jet-skiing or windsurfing for the first time in your life. Go on adventurous hikes or bike rides through cave villages and sand dunes. Try your hand at different sports, such as golf or tennis. Whatever activity you can think of, Gran Canaria will have you covered.

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