People Who Are Now Deaf, What’s the Last Thing You Remember Hearing? People Responded.

A lot of people think about people being born deaf but the fact is that a lot of folks out there have lost their hearing later in life…which I think we can all agree would be extremely difficult to deal with.

So what do these people recall from their earlier days?

AskReddit users who are deaf opened up about the last things they remember hearing.

Let’s see what they had to say.

“The shower running.

It’s called sudden sensorineural hearing loss. My doc said there is often no clear reason why it happens.

Could be damage to the inner ear, or issues with the nerve fibers that send info from the ear to the brain.”

“Someone I know.

Guy was Q-tipping and bent over to pick something up off the floor. Didn’t take out the Q-tip. Hit against something that forced the Q-tip all the way into his ear.

It broke his eardrum, went through his middle ear, and went into his Cochlea. Completely lost his hearing on that side.”

“Lost the hearing in one ear due to combat sports match injury back in 2010, I remember putting on headphones listening to music on my PC and I started to cry because music sounded so weird and I couldn’t enjoy anything .

I think it took like 6-7 days for this to sound normal for me again but it was actually me just adjusting to not being able to hear out of one ear. I can barely hear out of that ear now but everything sounds beautiful and wonderful and life is great.

But I vividly remember when I realized how weird things sounded.”

“My hearing was half gone in my twenties.

Then in my 40s I had a tumor removed from the left ear and this took away the rest of my hearing in my left ear. The last thing I heard was a friend who wished me good luck for the operation.

The right ear continues to deteriorate. The last really clear thing I heard in it was probably just before lockdown, some music or tv.”

“The last thing I remember hearing was the sound of me cocking a 50.

Cal sniper rifle, I forgot to wear headphones and I put my eye too close to the scope, so when I heard that plot second of the discharge, after, all I could hear was ringing.”

“Not my story but my uncle’s.

He was so into rock music He just loved it so much. He knew if he kept blaring it in his ear that he would loose hearing after a while but he didn’t care. One day when he was listening to music he heard a super loud ring in his ears.

The last thing he remembered is the guitar fading out as he lost all his hearing.”

“I had an acquaintance that was in the military, and in the Middle East. He got surprised by an explosive barrage, and he said that for a long time, all he could hear was a high pitched squeal.

He didn’t remember hearing the explosions. He didn’t get visibly injured, but had a brain injury from the force of the energy waves, and his hearing was ruined.”

“I heard a weird pop, followed by intense pain.

My eardrum ruptured on an air plane (had a head cold and blocked sinuses).

My hearing was completely gone for about 3 weeks.”

“Unfortunately it was my wife yelling at me.

But it was over 30 years ago.”

“My hearing is not totally gone yet, but one of the last things i heard that caused TONS of damage to my left ear was bubble wrap popping.”

“A Deep Purple concert. I had front seats, and was in front of Marshall stacks.

Pro tip? Bad idea. I was deaf for days. Never fully recovered.”

Do you know anyone who has experienced this?

If so, please talk to us in the comments.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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