People Talk About Legal Scams That Are Still Happening Today

You probably already know this, but I’m gonna say it ONE MORE TIME.

You gotta keep your eyes open because there are scammers everywhere trying to take advantage of people out there!

And some of these scams are even legal.

People took to AskReddit to warn about scams that still exist that are perfectly legal.

Let’s get smart!

“If you’re a personal business owner, you may receive what looks to be a bill in your mail from the US Domain Authority.

At first glance, you’re under the impression that you need to pay 289 dollars to renew your website domain name…

HOWEVER, there is very fine print stating that you are not legally required to pay the listed amount. It’s actually an ad requesting you pay that amount in order to have your website listed on the US Domain Authority site.

I can’t imagine how many people have been tricked by this. READ YOUR MAIL CAREFULLY.”

“”Server maintenance” fee for digital tickets even though they’re even more expensive at the airport.”

“Extended warranties, so many promises made, but when time comes for a claim, almost all are denied.”

“That news in America is entertainment.

Can get away with saying pretty much anything and still call it “news”.”

“Insider trading within Congress.

But if WE do it, we end up in prison.”

“Private prisons.

You’re telling me that they charge the government for the beds and the taxpayers still gotta foot the bill if those beds are empty so the company running it “doesn’t lose money”?

F**k you.”

“Civil forfeiture.

You’re going to tell me that a cop thinks that my property might be used for illegal activity, and that cop is going to steal it from me and pad their departments bottom line?

What the actual f**k?”


“I’m my own CEO.”

No, you aren’t. You literally have a company telling you what you can and can’t do.”

“The troubled teen industry. It doesn’t work. It traumatizes children. It’s legal kidnapping.

I hope more attention comes to it and something happens. They’re a business and the goal is to make money, not help troubled teenagers. Ffs, half the time the kids aren’t even troubled!

E.T.A.: The “Troubled teen industry” refers to for-profit organizations aimed at steering rebellious and at-risk youth onto a better path through reform camps. But their methods are “tough love”, negative/positive punishments and physical labor.

Because it’s a business meant to make money, a lot of corner-cutting happens. They hire young and untrained staff for less pay rather than therapists and certified nurses & teachers. It’s also not regulated at all so they can effectively do whatever they want with little recourse.

They use “scared straight” tactics and beat kids into obedience. They claim the best way to send a kid there is by surprise “so they don’t try and run beforehand” – AKA burst into their room at 2AM and drag them into a van with very few belongings.

Look up “Elan School” for a notorious one.

Paris Hilton was kidnapped at 2AM and sent to Provo Canyon when she was 16. Look at how well that worked.”


I figured AirBnB and VRBO and all the other temp rental disrupters would have put a stop to this predatory own-little-pay-mucho cash grab which destroys local housing markets and creates wet paint ghost towns.

But alas it persists and we have to stare at lines of cheap shacks or Soviet bloc style complexes left vacant on off seasons or occupied by flightless grey birds who only fly south because some Iowa idiot got conned in a Ramada Inn on a Tuesday looking for a free golf bag.

Arguably these apps have created more of a problem but I figured it’d be better.”

“Having to file your own taxes then being fined if you don’t do it right.

I don’t get it.”

“Pay day loans.

And super high interest predatory rent-to-own furniture rental/loan things.

Where you end up paying like $3000 in the end for a $500 laptop.”

“Charging for parking in hospitals and clinics.

Also charging people money to withdraw money or because they have small (positive) balances in their bank accounts.”

What do you think about this?

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