People Share Their Very Favorite, Lesser-Known Websites

You could spent a literal lifetime trying to check out every last website on the internet and still die before you made it – and that’s even if they stopped making new ones today.

So, we all need a little help finding the best and most useful sites out there sometimes, right? If you’re interested in improving your time online, these 14 people have some interesting ideas of where you should be spending your time online.

14. This sounds amazing (but not necessarily ethical).

It bypasses all paywalls and removes all ads from any webpage I have found.

Show me a 10ft paywall, I’ll show you a 12ft ladder. No install, just copy and paste your link.

13. Book lovers, come here!

You can borrow books across a s*%t ton of different library systems without having to register for them.

12. A free-for-all.

Watch free movies! Learn languages! Take educational courses! All for free!

11. Everyone likes to find new music!

This website contains every obscure sub genre of music imaginable. You can find some great music you’ve never heard of there.

10. The nostalgia is free.

Download and Play the games from the early 90’s and 2000s on your Windows machine! I personally Play NFSMW 2005 and Counter Strike.

Brings Back lot of memories.

9. This sounds super cool.


Search an artist/band and it generates a map of similar artists/bands with proximity indicating more fan base crossover.

I’ve tested it with the most obscure stuff I know and it always finds suggestions.

8. A little depressing, but still useful.

Allows you to see if your online accounts have been released in a data breach. You can also get email alerts if you’ve been in a breach.

7. Ooooh I like it.

10 minute mail provides a temporary email address for you to cut and paste into those pesky “insert email” to sign up or read the rest of the story or whatever.

6. Students, this one is for you.

Sci-hub get (almost) any research paper for free, just copy the link/DOI of the document and it’ll show you the pdf

Library genesis free pdf’s of math/physics/chemistry/biology/medicine/etc, finished my degree thanks to this one, a bunch of times a book of a course was just too hard to find or incredible expensive to but, but in libgen I got the digital pdf of the book in a few seconds, very neat.

5. Just give it a try.

You can hear radios live from all around the world. (I recommend accessing on computer or installing the app on mobile)

4. There’s something magical.

The one that shows you the deep ocean and its creatures, i would share the name but I forgot it lol

Edit: found it:

3. Informative goings-on.

Depending on who you are determines if its useful or not, but is a very informative site of the on-goings of the world.

The event map is interesting to explore.

2. Anything that helps with math is ok by me.

If you’re doing any graphing it’s much easier than a graphing calculator like a TI

Desmos got me through so many math classes. I hope it’s more widely used now than when I was in school because it’s a lifesaver.

1. If that’s your thing. Shows nearly every anime/manga website, torrent and streamable URL on the internet and also shows if they are active have ads and if they are safe to use.

With this you will never need to ask yourself, Where am I going to watch/download this anime or read this manga?

These sound super cool, I’m not going to lie.

Which one are you going to try first? Tell us down in the comments!

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