People Share The Downsides Of Working From Home

I don’t think we need to discuss all of the good things about working from home – you save money and time, you can work on a schedule that really works for your life, and without a commute, you’re able to spend more time with your family, partner, or on your hobbies.

There’s nothing in life that comes without any downsides, though, so if you’re curious what unfortunate truths there are once you’re working from home, these 14 people are getting down and dirty.

14. I didn’t think I could do less.

Probably not very healthy to have even LESS physical activity throughout the day.

13. There’s a loss of connection.

I love working from home but it can give you an everybody is just a stranger vibes.

Loss of connection to the outside world is real.

12. No separation of space.

Depending on your living situation, your room can become your workspace and it feels real bad.

I work in my room, it feels like my space is now not my own.

I have had my clients see my room and it sucks

11. Building a career is harder.

My biggest gripe is that if you’ve made it to a leadership position work from home is great, you’ve built your relationships and you’ve secured a well paying job.

For those of us still building their career though and on the outside looking in, it has been extremely difficult to get visibility and to get opportunities for career growth.

I think that’s going to be the biggest downfall of remote work, I think it stagnates career growth, and once the honeymoon phase wears off, there will be a lot of young professionals who enjoy the flexibility but will not have any career growth being remote at their current company.

10. Your workday can be long.

The good part is you get up at 7 and you’re in the office at 705.

The bad news is you are still in the office at 705pm.

9. You can feel trapped.

You feel jailed, like you work in your house, you clean the house, you cook for the family in the house and when everybody gets home from school/work you are the only one who did not get to go outside.

Nobody want’s to come outside with you because they were outside all day.

8. You might have some uncomfortable realizations.

I thought I hated my job because I was forced to commute 40 minutes each way and forced to be physically present in the office even when my work was already finished.

After I started working from home I realized it was the job itself I hated, not the commute or any other part of it.

7. It can make depression worse.

Worked from home since last year, I find less reasons to go out and gained some weight too (realized early, already lost it thankfully).

Lead me to barely take care of myself, since no reason to go out as I mentioned, and as someone who’s already depressed, I was just “drowning” in my loneliness, no one to share a coffee during breaks, no one to chat with, no one to directly you ask you for something with a sense of actual purpose, etc…

6. You might have trouble retaining information.

Don’t know about work from home but I have grown to absolutely despise online schooling like classes through Zoom.

There is little to no social interaction with your peers and your ability to learn and retain information is significantly hindered.

Also, in cases of students who have little to no social life outside of school, it can lead to a great increase in anxiety and depression.

5. Your wardrobe is worthless.

I miss wearing my nice work outfits.

The only reason I leave home is to pick up groceries, go to the gym, or go to church, so 80% of my wardrobe is going unworn.

But I do NOT miss my 2+ hour round-trip commute, so I would never wear a pencil skirt again if it meant I had to go back to that traffic hell.

4. Just a short list.

If you’re not married and you die no one’s gonna miss you for like…4-5 days.

Having to take a shit in my own toilet and use my own plumbing and toilet paper

Being isolated from co-workers and have no social interaction with them.

Constant temptations to be less productive like your bed and Netflix

The feeling that you “didn’t do anything” because you never left the house.

Complete dependence on a good internet connection.

3. Is that tax deductible?

Using your own heating and electricity. And bandwidth.

We had to go unlimited data when my wife started WFH and get zero compensation from the company.

2. It can be very lonely.

The crippling loneliness.

I rarely speak with anyone during my work day. My wife works two jobs, and my daughter is in a school sport as well as having a job.

Most days of the week I am home, alone, and only see my family for about 30 minutes if that.

At least when I worked at the office I would see other people for eight hours a day.

1. Boundaries are blurry.

No boundary between home and office, your time and work time.

You don’t need to get dressed. You don’t get the commute to get mentally ready for day at work and to decompress after said day.

All of these are for sure true, and only you can decide whether or not the good outweighs the bad in your life.

What are we missing? If you’ve experienced another downside working from home, drop it in the comments!

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