People Share Stories About Things They Swore They Saw But They Have No Proof Of

One of my good friends swear on his life that he was driving home late one night and he saw a plane crash in the not-too-far distance.

This was back in the pre-cellphone days and he raced home to see if there was anything about it on the news.

He never heard anything about it on TV, the radio, or in the papers.

But he still stands by his story…even though he can’t confirm it.

Let’s see what things AskReddit users swore they saw even though they can’t prove it.

“When I was 11 years old, on my first round of golf on an actual golf course with my dad and two of his friends, I hit a ball that bounced off a little hump in front of the green and rolled behind the hump where we assumed it was in the rough, but the green and the hole were obscured by said hump so you had to go down to the actual green to tell where your shot had landed.

It was by far my best shot of the day (I had struggled to even make contact and hit the ball further than 20 feet at times) so I went bounding down to the green to find my ball but saw nothing.

Everyone else took their shot and as they were walking down to the green, I looked in the hole and there was my ball…. I even thought that maybe it was the previous group and someone had left their ball in the whole but it was exact ball I had bought in the pro shop before the round.

I jumped up and down and told my Dad and his friends and they were basically like “Yeah right kid, no way.” and my dad’s one buddy even said he thought there was a chance it could’ve gone in, but my dad did not buy it and to this day refuses to believe I hit a hole in one on my first round of golf….”

“At a family lunch I saw my uncle finish his food and then eat a large, crumpled up paper napkin.

No one else noticed. No one believes me. They all think it must have been a piece of flatbread. It is infuriating.

I know what I saw and the man did not wipe his hands and mouth on a piece of GODD**N FLATBREAD!”

“A bright white out one morning I was walking to work. It was almost 4 AM I was on the phone with my husband and we both went silent as he was driving home and we both saw the whole sky lit up so bright everything around us disappeared like a simulation(side walk, road and basically everything vanished).

Wasn’t a dream either I ran the rest of the way to work freaking out and no one at my job saw it. Later that night I was looking for reports and only 1 person reported it about 2 hours away from where I live around the same time I was walking to work.

Was listed as “unconfirmed sighting”. I stopped walking to work after that.”

“I saw someone have a seizure but she believes she just fainted and has no memory of her arms and legs and head jerking. Her family also doesn’t believe me.

They’re all in denial. I’m afraid she may be driving someday and seriously injure herself or someone else if she has another seizure.”

“I was on a road trip through southern California on highway one and at one point I looked over and there was a herd of zebras galloping in the field alongside the road.

No one believes me.

It’s gotten to the point where I wonder if I just fabricated this memory somehow.”

“The inside of a tornado.

I was in an underground storm shelter with a 8 inch bullet proof glass window on the ceiling and a tornado went right over us in Moore, Oklahoma and from the inside of the tornado you can literally see all the way up to a sunny sky and white clouds.”

“A mountain lion.

I was at the cemetery visiting my grandma for the first time since she passed away. I was sitting there crying and kept hearing noises in the woods behind me. After a while I looked over and saw a mountain lion walking up the hill away from me. I was on my feet before it even registered.

There were some old men I’d come in with, and on my way to the car I stopped and told them. They assured me it was a deer. But I know it was a big cat. It moved like a cat and had a long tail. It was not a deer. Lots of people thought I was seeing things, but we have a family friend who worked at the department of conservation who believed it.

They follow the rivers apparently. So now I maintain (and my grandpa agrees) that my grandma sent me a mountain lion to get me to stop weeping at her grave. It’s very on brand for her.”

“A wolverine when I was living in western Montana. I only saw it for a moment before it disappeared, but I know that’s what it was.

I’ve met more people who claim to have seen Bigfoot than who have seen a wild wolverine.”

“I called 911 when I was 12 because my parents left me home alone and I got spooked. I was made fun of for years afterward because it was very dramatic.

The cops found no signs of an intruder, and I swore to god I saw someone walk across my front lawn and start peeking in my basement windows. I heard a bang and a window open in a part of my house and I instantly ran and jumped under the sofa and called 911 on my cordless phone.

My heart was beating out of my chest. By the time the cops got there they searched the whole house and took my story – right in time for my mom to get home and have a heart attack. The house was also super messy so it was embarrassing.

Anyway, it was winter and it had snowed the day before but was sunny all day, so they checked all around the house and said there were 0 tracks. I swear on my grave I very, very distinctly remember seeing someone walk across my lawn (I was in the basement, watching tv and looked up and watched the legs move across ; could only see from the knees down.

They walked like a man; wearing slacks and winter boots. I remember thinking “why is someone walking around our house?“ then hearing a large BANG behind me. I turned around and screamed because it sounded like someone popped a balloon behind me.

There was nothing. I got really nervous then, and a few moments later I heard what sounded like a window upstairs sliding open, and a door creaking open and I f**king LOST it. I was convinced I was gonna d** or be r**ed or something.

Zero evidence anyone was on our property.”

“A man without a shirt on running through my house at 3 AM while I was doing a water change so I had to leave the back door open.

I come down to yelling and see a half naked man running circles around my house, I was the only one home, so to this day no one thinks it happened.”

“On a lunch break, I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut a fly in half mid flight. I was so shocked.

Nobody believed me.”

“When I was just 2 or 3 years old, I remember playing outside in the backyard with my grandpa. We owned a huge empty field. I remember seeing a huge white rabbit, think Alice in Wonderland.

Hopping around, human sized, maybe 20 ft away from me. I started running towards it, looked back to my grandpa, looked back to the rabbit, and it was gone.

Crazy dream huh?

My grandpa passed away a few years later. We had to move because we could no longer afford the rent (raised my grandparents). We were looking at the house that we ended up buying, 7 acres of woods, long driveway, and a big yard that was field.

Walking down the big driveway, I heard a rustle in a bush. Thinking it was a deer, I looked out of excitement. It was the same rabbit, immediate deja vu. Nobody else saw it, but they heard it.

About 6 years later, we had moved again. I remember looking out the window around Easter time, and seeing this rabbit yet again.

Nobody else has ever seen it, but my grandma can confirm I’ve talked about it for as long as I could talk. Toddler me saw SOMETHING that Nobody else has. I don’t believe in the spiritual or anything, but I saw something, and I’d love an explanation one day.

I swear on everything that matters to me, I saw a godd**n 5 ft tall rabbit thrice in my life!”

Do you have any stories like this?

If so, share them with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!

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