People Relay What They Consider Very Good Advice

People love to give advice. All the time, unsolicited or otherwise, and sometimes it can be hard to figure out whether or not it’s actually good and applicable advice or something you might as well forget as soon as you hear it.

These 18 people swear by these pieces of advice, though, so take a scroll and see if you can find something that applies to you!

18. The duty of proof.

“That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

Also, recognise whenever someone’s hiding from the duty of proof. It means that instead of bringing forth arguments, they flip the duty to bring arguments to their opponents. “Let them prove it’s not true”.

It means someone has a point they can’t prove and the point should not be considered truth.

17. It’s just respectful.

Always talk about someone as if they were in earshot.

16. That day comes for us all.

Save voicemails from your loved ones. Throw them in a folder somewhere.

Someday you will miss their voice.

15. Save yourself the embarrassment.

Never assume someone within earshot can’t understand the language you’re speaking.

My Spanish teacher once told us a story about two Spanish guys making fun of her when she was visiting their country (I don’t remember what country it was though) and they were saying s*%t in Spanish

Oh boy did they get a mouthful.

14. Tune it out.

Never take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from.

13. Oddly, he wasn’t wrong in this situation.

Never do anything, or say anything, about anyone, ever, for any reason, no matter what….

-Michael Scott

12. The the high road.

Always take the high road.

Trust me it makes your life so much easier in the long run. I am divorced (M40) and my ex had an affair and left me for another dude. I could have been bitter and angry. I chose not to I took the high road and kept things amicable. As a result my kids have happy stable lives split 50:50 between two parents they love and I am happy.

Don’t get mean, don’t get petty, stop being bitter. No one wants to spend time with an angry bitter guy and no one cares how you were wronged. Take the high road and make your life better.

11. Think long-term.

Whenever possible, choose kindness.

Being an a$$hole only benefits you in the immediate short term. After that, the people you victimized will fuck you over and have you thrown under the bus as soon as they get half a chance to.

10. You have time, but not forever.

Start saving young.

Start investing young. You need to beat inflation

9. And they’re taking care of your children.

Always overpay the babysitter.

They will always be available on short notice in the future.

8. Give yourself a break.

No one really knows what they’re doing, so cut yourself some slack.

7. You get what you pay for.

Buy quality or buy twice.

6. Simple but useful.

My friend’s dad, when we all left for college, said, “Be smart, not dumb.”

It’s strange, but it comes back to mind in certain moments, and over the last 25 years has been surprisingly helpful.

5. They can only change for themselves.

Never expect someone to change for you. People can only change themselves.

Marriage, kids, jobs, moving…none of these things will “fix” a relationship that has a poor foundation to begin with.

4. You can do anything for awhile.

When I left home for school many years ago I was on the fence about going far away. My father’s advice was “you can do anything for a year.” If you wind up washing dishes or don’t like it you can always come back.

It gave me the push I needed to commit and it’s made all the difference. If anyone out there needs to hear it, “you can do anything for a year!” And who knows, it could work out great.

At worst you gained experience with something new

3. Equally important.

Don’t sweat the petty stuff


Don’t pet the sweaty stuff

2. Not everyone is happy.

Stop thinking everyone is walking around happy. I always think they are. Everyone is struggling.

I’ve caught myself doing this a lot when I was facing some of my darkest days. I’d look at random people who seemed so happy, and would think “I bet they don’t deal with this” or “I bet they don’t have these worries”.

Then it hit me, that from the outside, I seemed fine and completely content, too. That changed my whole outlook, and it’s why I choose to treat everyone with kindness.

I know that when I’d cross paths with kind people, it meant the world to me and took me out of my own head.

1. A listening ear.

Sometimes people don’t want you to respond, and aren’t looking for any answers even tho it may seem like it.

Just listen and let them talk until they literally prompt you for input.

I think we should listen to these people, because all of these sound super helpful and thoughtful, besides.

What good advice would you give a loved one? If it’s not here, drop it for us in the comments!

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