People Admit the Legal Substances They’re Addicted To

I have this debate with older people in my family a lot, but they are just absolutely horrified that marijuana is now legal in so many states across the country.

But ci**rettes and al**hol? Hey, those are no big deal at all!

And yes, as you all know, those are perfectly legal if you’re of age.

It’s just kind of funny how the stigma of things being legal or illegal influences the opinions of people out there.

People on AskReddit admitted what legal substances they’re addicted to.

Let’s take a look.

“Potato chips. Salt and vinegar especially.

I can eat entire family bags of them in a sitting. I’ve been making serious efforts to cut that out lately, I’ve been chip free for almost a week.

And yet the crisps call to me…”

“La Croix.

Specifically passion fruit and coconut flavors.

I go through about 3-4 12 packs a week.

This s**t is expensive too.”

“Diet Coke.

Hands down.

It’s a problem.

Or maybe it’s not.

Brb, getting some Diet Coke.”

“PLANTS. I talk to mine every single day and want to always grow more and more and more and more of them. My plants aren’t even mine!

Most are my friend’s. Him and his bf are gonna come get them when it gets warm but actually I might fight them now cause they’ve become my babies.”

“Flaming Hot Cheetoss 🔥 .

They’re terrible I know, but I’ve been eating them longer than I’ve known most my friends.”


Yes, I have been using more than I should.

Yes, you can abuse it.

No, it is not good for you in these quantities.

No, it is not easy to kick the habit.”

“Cheez Its.

I used to go over to my best friend’s home growing up and eat all their Cheez Its.

Every year for my birthday, Christmas, and any big event in my life, her parents would buy me a box.”

“Mountain Dew.

No, I’m not addicted to the sugar. Or the caffeine. I have tried substitutes. If I don’t have a Mountain Dew for about 48 hours, I will get MEAN.

I’ve lost a lot of weight and kept it off for like 6 or 7 years. One of my friends told me I’d probably lose another 5 or 10 pounds if I could stop Mountain Dew.”

“Lilikoi flavored Hi-Chews. You can only get them at this one chain of stores in Hawaii.

Luckily for me, as someone who lives in CA, my girlfriend’s sister lives in Honolulu and sends me boxes of them a few times a year. They’re heavenly. Kicks the s**t out of a Starburst.

Honorable mention to Sour Mambas. I really like fruity, chewy candy.”

“Red pepper flakes. Every time I eat pizza, I have to sprinkle a lot, knowing full well it will burn coming out.

The sensation is like I’m trying to s**t out the sun.”

“Video games. Sometimes it feels as if it’s as destructive as hard drugs. I’ll stop for weeks at a time but can never quit completely.

When I binge it feels like I’m wasting away my life and falling into a self destructive hole.”


I actually quit ci**rettes for a few months (was hell first few weeks) then suddenly bought a pack few days ago when was feeling really off, finished it then promised not to get back to it.

Aday later got news of a cousin passing away, so here I am sitting with my brand new pack. If you don’t smoke, dont start.”

“Trader Joe’s Peanut butter filled pretzels.

Two bags a week, would be more but I have to limit how many I buy.”

Okay, it’s confession time.

What legal substances are you addicted to?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know!

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