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Available on myCanal, the nostalgic and crazy teen series created by Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine has a title in a very specific sense …


Located in the 2000s, glorious era of girls bands, glittery accessories and the appearance of ADSL, PEN15 delves into the adolescence of its two creators now in their thirties, Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine, who embody their own 13-year-old alter-ego on screen. Between the first flirtations and leaving the world of childhood, the two heroines will put their friendship to the test in the face of the unforgiving world of the third in middle school.

But what exactly does PEN15 mean? Literally “pen15”, this expression is actually an old primary school joke: to join the “PEN” club, its members must write their name on their arms, accompanied by their number. The fifteenth person therefore finds himself writing “PEN15” on his arm, which, in the alphanumeric writing system, actually reads … Penis, the 1 and the 5 respectively forming the letters I and S!

The leet speak (use of numeric characters to write in a way that is not comprehensible to neophytes) is thus often used by schoolchildren to write nonsense on their calculator during maths lessons. For example, in French, the famous 35383773, which takes on a whole new meaning when the object is turned over … A gritty and cheerful sense of humor peculiar to adolescents that the creators have been able to transcribe right down to the title of their series.

PENIS PEN15 season 1 is available on myCANAL:

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