Pear Harbor Wasn’t Japan’s Only Target

On the morning of December 7, 1941, Japanese planes bombed Pearl Harbor, a naval base located in the American territory of Hawaii. The attack killed more than 2,400 people, injured 1,000, and damaged numerous military ships and aircraft. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, calling the attack “a date that will live in infamy”, used it as a rallying cry for the United States to enter World War II. The day after the bombing, the United States declares war on Japan.

But Hawai’i was not the only US territory targeted by Japan that day. What many Americans remember as the bombing of Pearl Harbor was actually part of a larger coordinated attack by the Japanese Empire on the Asia-Pacific territories of the American and British empires. On the same day as the Pearl Harbor bombing, Japan attacked the US territories of Guam and the Philippines, as well as the British territories of Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia (part of present-day Malaysia). He also invaded the independent nation of Thailand.

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