Peacemaker: DC Comics superhero “isn’t a good guy” according to James Gunn

Peacemaker: DC Comics superhero

In an interview with Empire, director James Gunn gave some details about the DC Comics series “Peacemaker”, a spin-off from his film “The Suicide Squad”.

Peacemaker: dc comics superhero "isn't a good guy" according to james gunn
DC Comics / Warner Bros.

Currently in filming, the Peacemaker series will be broadcast in early 2022 on the HBO Max platform. Worn by former wrestler John Cena (Fast & Furious 9), the show will be the spin-off of The Suicide Squad, to be seen at the cinema on July 28.

Already described as one of the most outstanding characters of the feature film DC Comics, Peacemaker is a super-villain who has the distinction of acting in the name of what he believes to be justice: determined to bring peace at all costs, he will have no qualms about killing anyone who he sees as a threat. .

“He’s a bunch of shit, he’s not a good guy” wished to remind James Gunn to our colleagues of Empire magazine, who will direct five of the eight episodes of the series Peacemaker. “He’s wearing the silliest costume you can imagine” he adds in this same interview. But how did the idea of ​​devoting a series to such an atypical character in the universe come about? DC Comics ?

Peacemaker has ideals that I find interesting. His view is: ‘I want peace at all costs, no matter how many men, women and children I have to kill to get it.’ A priori it does not mean anything, but at the same time it is perfectly supposed. And John Cena’s performance shows how uncomfortable he is with it, which in my eyes formed the basis of an eight-episode series.

If he did not wish to reveal whether the series will take place before or after the plot of The Suicide Squad, Gunn nevertheless specified that the action of the show would be directly connected to the feature film. Shot in the deepest secrets, the series does not yet have a release date in the United States, or a French broadcaster since the HBO Max platform is not yet available with us.

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