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Available on the myCANAL and SALTO platforms, the series “Parks and Recreation” is among the best comedies of the 2000s? Did you know that it was originally a spin-off of the cult “The Office”?


Unavailable for several years, the Parks and Recreation series is making a big comeback in SVOD on the SALTO and myCANAL catalogs. Cult comedy of the 2000s, the show shot in the style of a mockumentary (false documentary humorist) had notably made it possible to reveal to the general public Chris Pratt but also Amy Poehler, one of the muses of the Saturday Night Live.

Since its launch, Parks and Recreation has often been compared to The Office, NBC’s other successful mockumentare. No wonder, since originally the series had to be linked! Conceived by screenwriters Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, Parks and Rec was originally thought of as a spin-off of the series worn by Steve Carell; an idea finally abandoned by the two creators who finally decide to offer the series its own universe by relocating its action in the fictional city of Pawnee in Indiana.

The beginnings of Parks and Recreation are hardworking, the series suffering from the comparison with The Office, then at the peak of its popularity; Leslie Knope, Amy Poehler’s character, is referred to as Michael Scott on the cheap, while the presence of Rashida Jones (Karen in The Office) amplifies the misunderstanding of a possible connection between the two shows. “Even a Parks and Rec that spoke of a 90-year-old Maasai warrior would have earned us: ‘He reminds me of Michael Scott'”. We couldn’t escape it “ Greg Daniels confided bitterly in an interview with the Los Angeles Times in 2009.

After a difficult launch and a shower of murderous criticisms, the series nevertheless manages to correct the situation by gradually emancipating itself from its illustrious model; by further exploring the local political system, and especially by dwelling on the madness of its main characters (casting completed during the series by the arrivals of Rob Lowe and Adam Scott), Parks and Recreation has managed to rise from its ashes, becoming over the seasons one of the funniest series of the 2000s, to the point of being considered today by part of the public as even more successful than The Office !

Its arrival on the SVOD catalogs of the myCANAL and SALTO platforms is therefore the ideal opportunity to (re) discover it in its entirety!

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