Paris Police 1900: CANAL + offers you the 1st episode of its Original Creation!

This February 8, CANAL + kicked off its new Original Paris Police 1900 Creation. Discover the historic event series now thanks to the first episode offered on myCANAL!

Paris police 1900: canal + offers you the 1st episode of its original creation!

Paris Police 1900, only on CANAL + with two episodes on Monday evening for four weeks. All 8 episodes are available on myCANAL.

This is one of the CANAL + events at the start of 2021. After the latest successes of Validé, La Flamme, OVNI (s) or even the farewell of Gears, the new Original Creation which attracts all eyes, it is is Paris Police 1900. Launched on February 8, this historic and oh-so-ambitious series transports the public to the beginning of the 20th century. And that within a Republic on the edge of the precipice, divided between the nationalist leagues, the anarchist threat, without counting on the rumble of the Dreyfus Affair. While a coup d’etat is looming on the horizon and the prefect Lépine is recalled to secure Paris, the lifeless body of an unknown woman is found in a suitcase in the Seine. While leading the investigation to find the culprit, the young inspector Antoine Jouin will reveal secrets that big names would have liked to keep buried. On his way, he will cross the path of historical figures as famous as they are mysterious, such as the courtesan Marguerite Steinheil, the first lawyer Jeanne Chauvin or even Alphonse Bertillon. An epic and rhythmic thriller, to discover now thanks to the first episode… free!


Here is a gift to unwrap without delay! On the occasion of the launch of Paris Police 1900, CANAL + is offering you the very first episode of the event series. Whether you are a subscriber or not, all you need to do is go to myCANAL to enjoy. You only have to launch the episode to discover this historic Original Creation which will not fail to keep you going. Ready to dive into an era that is beautiful in name only?

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