Paris decapitation: Teenager of Chechen origin identified as suspect

Paris decapitation: Teenager of Chechen origin identified as suspect

The alleged enemy, Abdoullakh Abouyezidovitch A. shot dead by the police on Friday afternoon Eragny, where the same area of ​​the body Samuel Paty through 47 years of history and geography teacher at College du Bois d’Aulnis found.

The anti-terrorist begin falut native Jean-Francois Richard accompanied enemy approached to school students in the suburbs north of Paris and the called-Sainte-Honorine On Friday morning, asking him to point out his victim.

Paty was attacked on his way home after Ricard.

Was a native of the town of the Parisii, whom they do not know the meaning, just a bit of Abouyezidovitch in addition to the commandments, are taking part in the assault on the offices of an hour from the convention. He claimed responsibility for the attack on Twitter, said Richard county.

Richard did not say whether he was an enemy for service in the high school where the victim was working.

French Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer Paty said Saturday that killed “law is the same kind of things that had to do the pillars of democracy – freedom of speech.”

“Public Samuel Paty is our most important corporate asset: its schools. Who, when they give you over to their enemies, to be murdered by the uniform level of the freedom of man. It will be united, firm and strongly: ‘written in twee Blanquer.

Paris police station targeted by the & # 39;  violent attack & # 39;
Said Richard accompanied had organized the research showed caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed published around Paty expression of the doctrine of freedom to die in the magazine Charlie Hebdo. The satirical cartoons were originally published by Danish newspaper in 2005, the issue of Charlie Hebdo in January 2006 to 2015, a total of 17 people died in the terror attack that started at Charlie Hebdo’s offices and three successive days. Friday’s attack came in the trial of 14 people allegedly involved in attacks continues. The last day of the month, that he began in Paris.

Of October 7, the use of which he is the father of one of his disciples Paty Paty’s Facebook in order to act against, the name of which it directly by himself, asking for his dismissal from the school. Paty had filed a complaint on October 12 and October 8 edit a video on YouTube targeting teacher, the prosecutor said.

French President Macron killed in front of Christ speaking teacher & # 39;  Accounts for the game's cast-Sainte-Honorine.

Paty, which in turn defamation and filed a complaint, the prosecutor said.

The father and eight others were taken into custody accompanied Richard said. And in addition to her sister-in-law of the father, who remain without a name had joined Islamic State Organization in 2014 to Syria, and that this is the reality of the search warrant by an anti-terrorist investigating judge. “

A French judicial source told CNN that he had taken nine people included questioning of the suspect’s parents, grandfather and brother.

He begins to fear of the Judgment of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, five years after the deadly attacks of

French President Christ Macron, said the teacher was a victim of the Islamist attack. “In that attack, amid MACER the teacher said,” did not want to teach students the freedom, liberty can not believe my trust. “

Nordin Chaouadi parent of a certain school students, told Agence France-Presse master class Muslims boys had previously shown laughter. “Son of mine told me that it was just to keep it out of pure pity, because they were two helmets entire show through the prophet of Muslim Islam and children simply: ‘to, but I do not want it to hurt your feelings. That’s what my son told me, “he said.

Interior Minister twitter Gerald Darmamin said he was “directly keeping them informed,” the state “in the crisis room (and) when it opened a liaison involving the President of the Republic and the prime minister.”

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