Paranormal Activity: a reboot in preparation at Blumhouse – cine news

Paranormal activity: a reboot in preparation at blumhouse - cine news

The Paranormal Activity franchise is about to be resurrected! A reboot is brewing at Blumhouse with William Eubank directing, director of Underwater with Kristen Stewart.

Released in 2009 in France, Paranormal Activity left its mark, terrorizing a whole generation of spectators. Shot for just $ 15,000, the film grossed 193 million greenbacks. The production company Blumhouse then became the specialist in the horror genre, producing low-budget horror films that became planetary boxes.

Thus, for nearly a decade, the Paranormal Activity saga generated several sequels and a spin-off, The Marked Ones. In all, the six feature films released between 2007 and 2015 brought in $ 900 million worldwide. Five years after the 5th and last opus, Blumhouse announced the start of a reboot of the franchise which popularized found-footage, like Blair Witch or Rec.

Christopher Landon, director of the spin-off The Marked Ones and Happy Birthdead, will write the screenplay for this reboot. It will be directed by William Eubank, to whom we owe the recent Underwater with Kristen Stewart. Oren Peli, creator of the franchise, will also be present as producer, along with Jason Blum.

This new version should be released on March 4, 2022 in American theaters.


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