Paper Girls: Prime Video’s Stranger Things that propels 4 teenage girls into the future -…

Prime Video today unveils Paper Girls, a series in which 4 teenage girls are catapulted into a temporal war. We tell you everything about this adaptation of a comic book saga, which comes to compete with the best of the genre.


Erin, KJ, Mac and Tiffany are 12 years old and deliver newspapers on bicycles in suburban Cleveland. In the early hours of the day after Halloween 1988, the young girls find themselves embarked despite themselves in a capsule bounding through time. They land in 2019, in the midst of a clash between time travelers armed with laser guns and futuristic gadgets.

Parachuted more than 30 years from their time and pursued by a mysterious organization, the 4 teenagers with strong characters are looking for a way to return to the 80s. A quest that notably confronts them with older versions of themselves, sometimes far removed from what they imagined becoming.

Composed of 8 episodes of approximately 45 minutes, the thrilling first season of Paper Girls is to be discovered without further delay on Prime Video.


At the origin of this crazy story: the creative spirit of Brian K.Vaughan, prolific author of comics for Marvel and DC, among others. Crowned with success, in 2015 he began writing a brand new series that takes place in his native Ohio: Paper Girls.

Paper girls: prime video's stranger things that propels 4 teenage girls into the future -...
Amazon Studios

This science fiction story tinted with neon colors comes in 6 volumes. Acclaimed by the critics, Paper Girls obtains numerous awards and triumphant success internationally. The logical continuation for the author: a series on Prime Video, of which he is also a producer.

The creator of the original work himself confides: “I love this series ! The extraordinary cast seems to be ripped straight from the pages of my comics. Whether you’ve read every tome, or are just embarking on this journey now, there will be some great surprises for you in this epic first season.”


To embody the colorful quartet of Paper Girls on screen, Stephany Folsomthe creator of the series, called on 4 young actresses perfectly cut for their roles. Riley Lai Nelet embodies the shy Erin, Camryn Jones the brilliant Tiffany, Sofia Rosinsky lends her features to Mac the rebel, and Fina Strazza plays KJ, a troubled teenager from a wealthy background.

Paper girls: prime video's stranger things that propels 4 teenage girls into the future -...
Amazon Studios

On the adult side, we find Ali Wong (Always Be My Maybe, Tuca & Bertie) as the older Erin, Adina Porter (American Horror Story, The 100) as the main antagonist, or even Nate Corddry (The Circle, mindhunter), which plays Larry, a brand new character absent from the comics.


If the comparison with Stranger Things seems obvious, especially in its artistic direction, it is essential to remember that the first volume of Paper Girls was published in 2015, while the success of the Duffer brothers was born in 2016. It remains relevant: a retro atmosphere and a group of he Midwestern teenagers in a race against the clock are all similarities between the two series.

However, the stories quickly turn out to be fundamentally different, Paper Girls revealing a more whimsical and mystical universe, with assumed influences such as Back to the future, Doctor Who Where The Goonies. After conquering many readers around the world, it’s a safe bet that the series will achieve the same success as the graphic saga!

Check out the first season of Paper Girls now on Prime Video.

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