Palm Springs on Amazon Prime Video: “An endless day taken to the next level” for Andy Samberg

Palm Springs stars Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti answered our questions about this unmissable romantic comedy on Amazon Prime Video.

Directed by Max Barbakow, Palm Springs is the must-see romantic comedy on Amazon Prime Video. Worn by Andy Samberg (Brooklyn Nine Nine) and Cristin Milioti (How I Met Your Mother), this film follows the adventures of Nyles and Sarah, stuck in a time loop during a wedding. AlloCiné spoke with the two actors of Palm Springs on the scenes of the shooting and the echo of the feature film with the news.

AlloCiné: How would you define Palm Springs?

Cristin Milioti: The less you know about this film, the better you can appreciate it.

Andy Samberg: Palm Springs is an “endless existentialist romance…!”

It’s a film around the concept of “groundhog day”, that is to say an “endless day”, and which is repeated over and over again, right?

Andy Samberg: It is indeed the concept of “Groundhog day” but re-invented, I hope. I also believe that the concept of the “endless day” is taken to a higher level. I wouldn’t want to reveal anything but, until the end, you go from surprise to surprise and from revelation to revelation.

Cristin Milioti: I have never seen the movie Un jour sans fin with Bill Murray. In any case, I wanted this film to be as “down to earth” as possible and anchored in reality. I think this film is about the notion of time. It is, in fact, a metaphor for the frustration that we can have, sometimes, with our existence and depending on the circumstances that we are confronted with and which can appear as a condemnation.

We are living through a frightening and frustrating time in our existence. This film, I hope, can undoubtedly make us see the situation with a little more lightness and humor.

Isn’t this the perfect film for this repeat of the “condemnation” we have suffered for almost a year?

Cristin Milioti: Yes, absolutely. Obviously we had no idea what situation we find ourselves in today when we shot the film in 2019. What is certain is that we are living through a frightening and frustrating time in our existence. This film, I hope, can undoubtedly make us see the situation with a little more lightness and humor.

Andy Samberg: Yeah, that’s kind of what comes from the conversations I have with people who see our film. This reflects the “vibe” of the forties. As Cristin has just pointed out, it is only pure coincidence that this film fits so well in these times of pandemic. I also hope that when viewing Palm Springs, people can forget the situation we are in and regain some hope.

Palm springs on amazon prime video: "an endless day taken to the next level" for andy samberg


Does the film also study the notion of “human relationship”?

Cristin Milioti: Yes, it is not in this film only a look at the relationship between my character, Sarah, and that of Nyles played by Andy Samberg but it is also a look at the intimate relationship with us even which is highlighted. I think we all have to face each other in life. Especially at the moment. This is what is interesting about this film, it shows that we cannot escape ourselves and that every day has to be a confrontation of the “me, I” that we are. I think this is the only way to move forward in life.

Andy Samberg: It’s also a study on some people who, because they have been heartbroken, do not allow themselves the right to happiness. It’s a bit like these people who punish themselves when they are not responsible for their misfortune. So it’s a film that shows that you sometimes have to know how to turn the page on a life that could have been painful, it’s the only way to find inner peace. Sometimes you have to know how to let Love enter your own life despite the lack of belief that you may have in Love.

Tell us about your approach to film with director Max Barbakow and his screenwriter, Andy Siara?

Cristin Milioti: What is interesting is to have been on the same wavelength with Max and Andy from the start. We had the same vision. It’s interesting that Andy describes this movie as being an allegory for the depression that sometimes hits us throughout our lives. I really thought about this analysis when I read the script. So it was a pleasure to share a similar understanding of the main topic of Palm Springs: depression.

Andy Samberg: It was a great collaboration and it allowed us to raise the humor in a tone with some additional scenes. As well as to develop the character of Sarah a little more.

Palm springs on amazon prime video: "an endless day taken to the next level" for andy samberg


Did you have to overcome any difficulties while making this film?

Cristin Milioti: The speed with which we had to shoot this film was a challenge. Especially since I come from the world of theater where we often take our time to rehearse, prepare and perform our plays. But, there, the shooting was a little too fast.

Andy Samberg: I ​​agree with Cristin, the shooting was a bit too fast. It was not always easy to shoot the scenes in the swimming pool with all the complicated equipment set up for certain angles. We only had a few hours, sometimes, to shoot scenes that normally took a day or two. But in the end it gives a certain dynamism to the film and we do not get bored for a second.

In the United States, this is the first film going on a platform, to savor Hulu, which will have a viewing option with audio commentary. Tell us about this experience?

Cristin Milioti: It was a great opportunity to be able to bring a little substance to our shooting experience and to explain such and such a thing. I think that can only make you appreciate the movie even more.

Andy Samberg: It was an idea that we all had in common and I’m really happy that we were able to bring it to fruition. It reminds me of the good old days of “DVD bonus”. You will enjoy.

In the end, what is the feeling that comes from Palm Springs?

Cristin Milioti: At the end of this film, I hope that the public will have had good moments of joy accompanied by some tears. A bit like in real life.

Andy Samberg: Joy! Hope people have a good time with this movie. I think we all need to take our mind off things and this film will give you a breath of fresh air.

Interview by Emmanuel Itier on February 1, 2021 in Los Angeles.

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