Pakistan’s Imran Khan calls for chemical castration of those convicted of rape

Pakistan’s Imran Khan calls for chemical castration of those convicted of rape

The song in a conversation with Hard Talk Pakistan News 92 on each of which can be punished by the ministers alleged to be silent in the chest.
Pakistan to open new markets for more than 1,000 women to fight against violence

“I (rape) against the Jews publicly. Rapists and child molesters may have public hanging. I do not know the real change is that there is under-reported. People do not report it because it scared not ashamed of shame or wants to “Song said Monday the interviewer Moeed Pirzada.

However, it is said, that the general public was not able to depend on an internationally acceptable Kan, affects the part of the European Union to Pakistan’s relationship with the merchandise. The child molesters and rapists, as suggested, and the “need to undergo the treatment of female start or surgery, that is how it should be something in the future.”

Last Thursday, a woman lodged a complaint in Lahore, was gang-raped her alleging that the two men that night, the car broke and ran out of fuel, according to a First Information Report (Taxus).

A woman called the police helpline waiting for you to come for the food, while two men raped her, and there, according to officials.

The Pakistani condemned men was caught, and either massacre, the name of the old Zainab Ansari

Police arrested three men, including one of the alleged rapists. The other – a police described by mastermind group – remains at large.

The latest case was investigated in Lahore.

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