Outlander (Netflix): Sam Heughan star harassed by fans – News Séries

Outlander (Netflix): Sam Heughan star harassed by fans – News Séries

In a story posted on his Instagram account on Friday, Sam Heughan, the star of the series “Outlander” available on Netflix, revealed that he has been the victim of harassment for more than six years.


Star of the Outlander series since its launch in 2014, Sam Heughan said this Friday how celebrity can weigh him. In a story published on his account Instagram, the actor said that he had been the victim of harassment for several years. Obviously very affected, he decided to break the silence on a situation that the fans of the series, many, completely ignored.

“After these last 6 years of constant intimidation, harassment, hunts and fabrications, I am distraught, angry, hurt, and I have to talk about it”, did he declare. “It affects my life, my mental state and it is a daily problem. My co-stars, my friends, my family, myself, in fact, everyone to whom I am linked, have been the target of insults personal information, humiliation, abuse, death threats, harassment, our personal data has been exposed and many lies have been told. “

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Given the magnitude of the situation, Sam Heughan seems to have decided to take the case to justice: “I cannot develop for current legal reasons but there are professionals (…) who will know better than me [pourquoi je n’en ai pas parlé plus tôt]. Recently, False accusations have been relayed that I would manipulate fans, I would be a repressed homosexual, I would try to extort money from fans and I would not respect the advice of Covid. I didn’t do any of this “, he assures.

Her co-star in Outlander, Caitriona Balfe, was quick to show her support in a tweet: “It’s really sad that Sam had to express himself by saying all this. I thought the nasty behavior had stayed in the schoolyard. But unfortunately, A HANDEA fans are heard and use their energy to write and say horrible and wrong things. Maybe these people should channel their energy to engage with charities. (…) If you don’t like us, there is a beautiful world outside.

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