All Assassin’s Creed Mirage outfit locations

A true killer knows how to blend in with any crowd necessary to pursue his victim and remain undetected until the moment is right to strike. That is unless you’re talking about Basim Killer Creed Mirage, Or any protagonist of the series in fact. Those white robes with the hood aren’t helping the killers blend in anywhere, so why not spice up your look with some fresh attire? Not only will they let you add some personality and style to keep the game a little fresh, but unlike costumes, each outfit will also have its own upgrades that will give you different perks. Unfortunately, there are some that can only be purchased as DLC, which we’ll list in a separate category, but others can all be found naturally in the game. If you want to fill your wardrobe with the latest fashion Killer Creed Mirage, Here’s how you can get every outfit.

All Livery Spaces and Facilities

A screen showing Basi's outfit in Assassin's Creed Mirage.

There are six outfits you can obtain through natural progression, either by purchasing them or as rewards for main or side quests.

Start of Almut Outfit

A simple way to start, this is the outfit that Basim has by default when you start the game. It has the Silent Blade perk which reduces the noise you make when attacking targets by 50%, 75%, and by 100% when upgraded.

rebellious dress for her

You can loot the Zanj Rebel Outfit from gear chests in the Harbiyah area. The chest is in the ship’s galley in the upper harbour. This organization gives you the Infamy benefit, which reduces your infamy from illegal actions by 20%, 30%, and 40% per upgrade.

abbasid knight costume

Before you can go inside and loot the gear chest with this outfit, you first have to steal a key from a guard to unlock the Tax Collector’s mansion in Karkh. Once equipped, this outfit has the Lick Your Wounds perk which lets you regenerate 1%, 2% and then 3% of HP every two seconds as long as you are in stealth state, but only to the maximum. Up to 50% HP. ,

Milad outfit

This outfit is a reward for collecting five Mysterious Shards and using them to unlock the middle chest in the secret chamber. Milad’s outfit has the Forgotten Terror perk which comes at maximum level and stuns all enemies within 15 meters after an air attack.

a hidden outfit

True to the name of the Order, the Hidden One Outfit is left in a gear chest at the top of the Shurta Headquarters in Round City. Wearing these robes grants you Deadly Movement which will restore 5%, 10% or 15% of your focus chunks every time you perform a stealth kill.

rostam dress

An easy costume to get, but also one to miss, the Rostam costume is a reward for beating the side quest called “The Marked Coins”. When equipped, you get the Sound of Silence perk to reduce the amount of noise you make while moving by 50%, 75%, and 100% with each upgrade.

dlc outfits

While it’s unfortunate that some costumes aren’t available to everyone without paying, at least they don’t have perks you can miss. All three will have to be purchased from the shop or come with the Deluxe Edition killer’s creed is a mirage,

sand dress

fire demon costume

genie costume

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