Outer Banks on Netflix: is a season 3 possible after the final twist of season 2?

Outer Banks season 2 ends with a big revelation. The actor Chase Stokes (John B.) and the showrunners of the Netflix series returned to the finale which necessarily calls for a third season, not yet ordered. Be careful, spoilers.

Be careful, spoilers. It is advisable to have seen Outer Banks season 2 before continuing to read this article.

The adventures of the second season of Outer Banks, available on Netflix, have not been easy for the Pogues, especially for John B. (Chase Stokes). The young man was almost killed many times in the Bahamas, before being arrested, locked up and then exonerated by the police who finally discovered the scheming of Ward Cameron (Charles Esten), the father of his girlfriend Sarah (Madelyn Cline ).

Even if he is quiet with justice, John B. has suffered other setbacks: he lost the gold he took a lot of time to seek, he was not far from killing Ward before save his life and he was stranded on a desert island with his friends in the middle of the Caribbean. The fate of the Pogues is on hold ahead of the potential season 3 of the Netflix series.

A final twist that reshuffles the cards

But it was a mind-blowing revelation that marked the end of season 2: Big John (Charles Halford), the father of John B., is alive!

Asked by TVLine, Chase Stokes reacted to this discovery that fans have been waiting for: “Fan theories somehow come to life. We didn’t make it based on the predictions seen on social media but we have very intuitive fans. ask what that means.

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It all starts with the selfish will to [Big John] to hunt this treasure and it ends with him leaving his son to fend for himself. How could the reunion between a child go and a parent who is gone and who has chosen to leave him alone and who has no idea what has happened in the meantime? “

Outer banks on netflix: is a season 3 possible after the final twist of season 2?


Big John (Charles Halford) is alive!

If season 3 has not yet been ordered by Netflix, the showrunners already have ideas and hope that the platform will allow them to continue the adventure of the Outer Banks Pogues. Jonas Pate told Entertainment Weekly that Big John’s comeback is pretty organic:

“We always knew it was a possibility and that we had this card to play. As the season went on it became clear that we wanted to release it in the finale. It was always a lingering idea and it puts in place of the themes that we want to explore in the third season. “

Is a season 3 possible?

The return of John B in the landscape will therefore bring new twists in the potential season 3, as evoked by Shannon Burke: “This is going to be the heart of Season 3. It’s obviously a massive revelation that is going to fuel a huge part of Season 3. I’m super interested to see how people react or even if they’re going to remember who. It is !”

The showrunners already have lots of ideas for a potential season 3 besides the return of John B, who is connected to Carla Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell), the enemy of the Pogues in season 2. We will have to expect more. “teenage romances”, “a rapprochement between JJ (Rudy Pankow) and Kiara (Madison Bailey) “, Pogues “who have not given up on gold” and Rafe “who will take over the reins” Ward’s shenanigans!

Outer banks on netflix: is a season 3 possible after the final twist of season 2?


The Pogues are still united despite the trials!

If Josh Pate and Shannon Burke are full of ideas, it’s because they have a 5-season plan for the Outer Banks! The co-creator Jonas Pate had indeed entrusted in 2020 to Entertainment Weekly their projects on the Netflix series:

“From the start we see the series as a story that could run over 4 seasons, maybe even 5, definitely 4 anyway. We have planned the various arcs along the length. We hope to have the chance to go to the end of our stories. “

It remains to be seen whether Netflix will give them the possibility to do the 5 seasons they want. A season 3 has in any case all its chances of being ordered given the success of the series. As a reminder, the platform had officially offered a season 2 to Outer Banks three months after the broadcast of the first season. Will Netflix wait that long this time?

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