Outer Banks on Netflix: 7 questions that the potential season 3 will have to answer

Full of twists and turns, the second season of Outer Banks on Netflix has left many subjects unresolved. Here are the 7 questions we ask ourselves while waiting for the potential season 3.

Be careful, spoilers. It is advisable to have seen Outer Banks season 2 before continuing to read this article.

The Pogues saw it all in the second season of Outer Banks, available on Netflix. Despite the enemies, John B. (Chase Stokes) and the rest of the Pogues continued their treasure hunt while sorting out their personal issues to a point of no return.

The Season 2 finale is full of twists and turns and reveals and the Pogues are at a stalemate. Although it is not yet officially ordered by Netflix, the potential season 3 of Outer Banks will have to answer many questions.

Will the Pogues be saved?

Flee in a Coastal Venture Zodiac after picking up Sarah (Madelyn Cline), the Pogues land without food and pennies on a deserted beach in the middle of the Caribbean. Now joined by Cleo (Carlacia Grant), who befriended John B. and Sarah, the Pogues will have to learn to live on this isolated piece of land while their parents died of worry in the Outer Banks .

How are the Pogues going to cope? Will they be saved by their parents? Or can they count on some unexpected help, like that of Captain Terrance (Terence Rosemore) who had already saved John B. and Sarah to bring them to Nassau in the Bahamas.

Why has Big John been in hiding all this time?

This is THE revelation of the Outer Banks season 2 finale: Big John (Charles Halford), John B.’s father is alive and well! We find him in Barbados badly damaged and hidden in a small house. The enemy Carla Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell) finds him because he sent her a letter. Big John knows where to find the Shroud Carla was looking for in the Cross of Santo Domingo to miraculously cure her illness.

Outer banks on netflix: 7 questions that the potential season 3 will have to answer

Jackson Lee Davis / Netflix

In return, Big John asks Carla to help his son John B. Why did Big John not come back to John B. if he had survived? Why did he go into hiding and why did he not contact his son? The reunion between the two promises to be electric, moving and tense.

John B. and Sarah are they getting married?

During season 2, John B. and Sarah got engaged and exchanged a few vows and a piece of John B’s bandana. But they had to face several difficulties, notably to Ward (Charles Esten), the father of Sarah, and the return of an ex in the landscape. Love being stronger than anything, John B. and Sarah eventually reunited and the Pogues saved Sarah from the clutches of her father, who had orchestrated a fake death.

Stranded on a Caribbean island with the Pogues, will John B. and Sarah really want to get married to seal their union against all odds? Will John B.’s father be present? We can imagine an improvised ceremony on the island where they landed with all the Pogues gathered around them or a real ceremony when they are back in the Outer Banks.

Will Kiara and JJ end up together?

Even though Kiara (Madison Bailey) and Pope (Jonathan Daviss) had a little story, they decided to end it for the sake of their friendship. Outer Banks fans would like Kiara, who is at risk of going to boarding school because of her parents’ strict upbringing, to be in a relationship with JJ (Rudy Pankow), even if the latter follows his own rule according to which a Pogue isn’t dating another Pogue.

Outer banks on netflix: 7 questions that the potential season 3 will have to answer


If we are to believe the statements of co-creator and showrunner Josh Pate at Entertainment Weekly, Kiara and JJ are expected to get closer in Season 3, as the Season 2 finale suggests: “Teen romances are a big part of the show. We wanted to explore the relationship between Kiara and Pope but obviously we are aware of what fans think about JJ and Kiara. […] We were open to the idea immediately as it seemed like an interesting idea to explore but we kept it under wraps for Season 3. “

Where are Ward and his family going?

Party aboard the Coastal Venture with all his family, Ward Cameron thought he could escape his responsibilities with the gold and the Santo Domingo cross in his possession. But the surprise attack of the Pogues upset the plans of Ward, badly damaged by John B, who still saved his life. It is Rafe (Drew Starkey), Sarah’s brother, who will take over the operations while waiting for Ward to recover and we feel that he will take full advantage of this new position of strength.

In the last episode, the boat was only three hours from a port of who knows where. No doubt they will be able to hide for a while, but the Pogues are going to want to recover the treasures the Cameron stole. If Big John returns to the scene, it could even be that a clash between Ward and him takes place and it strongly impacts the relationship between John B. and Sarah.

Who is Carla Limbrey really?

Wealthy and sick woman, Carla Limbrey was one of the enemies of the Pogues in season 2. She comes from the lineage of Captain Limbrey of the ship The Royal Merchant which ran aground centuries ago in the Outer Banks and which allowed Denmark Tanny, Pope’s ancestor to free himself and keep the gold.

Carla Limbrey will seek to get her hands on one of Denmark Tanny’s treasures, the Cross of Santo Domingo, which was to contain the Shroud that could help her heal. As she goes after the Pogues to find him, she eventually reunites with Big John, John B.’s father, to make a deal.

Outer banks on netflix: 7 questions that the potential season 3 will have to answer


In the end, little is known about Carla Limbrey and the fans already have theories. They think Carla Limbrey could be John B.’s mother! Chase Stokes, the interpreter of John B., is in any case favorable to this idea as he mentioned in Cosmopolitan : “I would be lying if [je disais] that I wasn’t thinking of something similar… That would be a great twist. It would make the fans go crazy. “

Will the Pogues finally recover some treasure?

While they’re great at solving puzzles and finding treasure, Pogues aren’t very good at guarding them. They managed to get their hands on the gold in the first season but Ward got it back and they found the Santo Domingo cross in season 2 but Rafe stole them.

Decidedly, the Pogues still have a lot of obstacles before owning the treasures and getting rich, especially since the Cross of Santo Domingo has a particular value for Pope, since it belonged to his ancestor Denmark Tenny. It looks like the Outer Banks still have family secrets to reveal and no one is really safe.

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