Outer Banks (Netflix): does the paradise island of the series really exist? – News Series on TV

Outer Banks (Netflix): does the paradise island of the series really exist? – News Series on TV


Have you fallen in love with the island where the action, or rather the treasure hunt, of the series Netflix Outer Banks takes place? Good news: not only does it really exist, but you can definitely stay there for a vacation. Maybe not this summer, sure …

This barrier of islands called Outer Banks, or OBX for insiders, is located in the state of North Carolina, facing the Atlantic Ocean, very close to the city of Wilmington, and constitutes a very popular seaside resort. Considered a “Heaven on earth“by the heroes of the teen series, it served, with its surroundings, as a filming location for two flagship teen series of the 2000s: Dawson and The Scott brothers, located respectively in the fictional cities of Capeside and Tree Hill.

However, the shooting of Outer Banks could not take place in Wilmington, as was originally planned, for political reasons. Indeed, this decision was made by Netflix following the 2016 anti-transgender law which made a big splash because it prohibits transgender people from using the toilets in bars, restaurants and other public places on the sex side who is not the one assigned to them at birth. Since filming, however, North Carolina has overturned this discriminatory law. A decision that co-creator Jonas Pate supports: “When we wrote the series, Wilmington was 100% on our mind. This is where we wanted to film But Netflix made the right decision by emphasizing the importance of inclusiveness.

Suddenly, the team settled a little lower, in Charleston, South Carolina, with relatively similar landscapes, but an even warmer climate in summer. However, the creators had to revise their copy a bit and use their imagination. “Charleston is a beautiful city, but it is also in full expansion, so we had to choose very precise places, favor narrow angles and bring them together to create our fictional world of ours.

So, if you are looking for them on a map, it is in particular on the James and Jones Islands, the largest in the region, that the cameras are installed. The lighthouse we see does exist, it is the one located on Morris Island. It was built in 1767, destroyed during the Civil War and then rebuilt in 1876. Enjoy your visit!

The sweaty and mysterious Outer Banks trailer:

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