At least according to the World Travel Awards, Santiago is one of the world’s leading adventure travel destinations. Deserts, mountain ranges and volcanic landscapes are some of the unique physical features that make Santiago outstanding. The South American city symbolizes the fantastic adventures of North, Central and South America.

Adventure enthusiasts love Santiago because, despite so much to offer, it is still small enough to be explored in just a few days. If you are looking for a travel destination with beautiful topography and endless outdoor opportunities, then Santiago would be the ideal place for you to visit. In this post, we’ll focus on the 5 best outdoor activities in Santiago.

Top 5 Outdoor Activities in Santiago

Each of these 5 adventures will satisfy your inner exploration spirit. , Check out our list of 5 outdoor activities chosen in Santiago and make sure you check out as many of them as possible on your next trip:

1. Kitesurfing

Flying kiteFlying kite

If you are fond of beaches, you will love visiting Pupuya Beach. It is less than three hours from Santiago. If you have never done kite flying before, it would be wise to take a kite flying session at Pupuya first, which will take a maximum of one day. After that, you can go out to sea in the company of professional instructors. If you’re experienced, you can go kitesurfing on the windy and wavy Matanzas Beach. The best time to do this is from October to November.

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2. Mountaineering


If you are visiting Chile between October and December, you must climb the 4000+ meter high Mount San Valentin. Whether you have mountaineering experience or not, you will enjoy the 11-day guided tour. During these 11 days, your patience and determination will be tested as you will have to deal with inclement weather and you will be off the grid the entire time. For an easier expedition, you can try the 3800 meter high Volcano Lanin.

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3. Sandboarding


You’ll have the time of your lifetime sandboarding on the undulating half-kilometre high sand dunes of the Atacama Desert. It is one of the driest places on Earth. You will be thrilled to see how experts descend the dunes at speeds of more than 30 m/s. After several training trips up and down the dunes, you too will have a lot of fun increasing speeds closer to the experts’ speed. Some of the best sandboarding games in the Atacama include Cerro Dragon and Death Valley.

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4. Skiing


This extremely steep and exceptionally snowy mountain range is an ideal skiing destination during winter. If you are an expert, you can try the 20 km long Portillo in the Valparaiso area. If you’re a beginner, the shorter Valle Nevado slopes are a good place to start. If you are a first-time visitor, you can also take some skiing lessons.

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5. Tracking


If you’re visiting Santiago any time between November and February, remember to pack adequate trekking shoes and clothes for the Cerro San Cristóbal Hills. It is highly undesirable for them to trek at this time of the year. If you have hill climbing experience, you will have more fun trekking the larger Torres del Paine o Circuit hills.

The Torres del Paine o Circuit and the Cerro San Cristóbal Hills are both great viewpoints for the city of Santiago. The first one requires a trained guide as the paths are difficult either way and it is a 10-day trek. , It is approximately 110 km long. On the other hand, the Cerro San Cristóbal Hills can be hiked even in a day by semi-experienced hikers. for one Free Walking Tour in Santiago Through Pentagona, the Lake District and the Atacama Desert, just take your breakfast and water and everything else will fall into place. There are plenty of free tests available to follow in these areas.

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Many tourists visit Chile every month. For the best experience, book your hotel in advance and plan your itinerary before leaving on your trip to the USA. With a range of outdoor activities in Santiago, we promise you’re in for a treat. What is life without challenges? Embark on these thrilling outdoor activities in Santiago today!

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