Out of season: “captivating”, “soulless” … The France 3 series with Marina Hands divides the…

Out of season captivating soulless The France 3 series with

In “Off season”, broadcast every Thursday evening on France 3, Marina Hands and Sofiane Zermani lead the investigation to arrest a formidable serial killer. And if some critics loved the series, others did not hide their disappointment.

Since last Thursday, France 3 has offered its viewers a chilling return to school every Thursday evening with Out of seasonhis event mini-series which features Marina Hands (myth) and Sofiane Zermani (The Savages), better known as Fianso, in the shoes of two police officers on the trail of a fearsome serial killer.

The action of Hors saison, co-produced by our Swiss neighbours, takes place at Cimes, a small ski resort in the Dents du Midi region. As vacationers leave and the snow melts, the corpse of a murdered woman is discovered in an intriguing and macabre scene.

The Swiss captain Sterenn Peiry is in charge of the case, soon supported by the French investigator Lyes Bouaouni who reveals to her that another body was found in a similar state on the other side of the border. And as the mystery deepens, Sterenn discovers that his son accidentally killed his girlfriend in a car. In an instant, the investigator’s life, faced with the worst of dilemmas, changes dramatically: how far will she go to protect her son?

Built around an ultra-effective twist, Off Season started last week in front of 2.38 million viewers, for a market share of only 12.1% of the general public. And a very small 1.2% on women responsible for purchases under the age of 50.

A mixed launch, like the opinion of the French press. Because one thing is certain: Out of season, which continues tonight from 9:10 p.m. with two new episodes, totally divides the critics.

What the press think…

According to Télé Loisirs:

“In this dark thriller that promises to be captivating, the focus is on the performance of Marina Hands, for whom the role of Peiry seems to have been designed. This first opus launches an intrigue that will continue in the following ones. The idea to imply the criminal responsibility of the investigator in the case seems to us not only original, but also of a formidable effectiveness in terms of suspense. 5/5

According to Le Parisien:

“This thriller is not about feeling. We are far from the “Murders in” to which the faithful of La Trois are accustomed. Everything seems calculated, to the millimeter.” 4/5

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According to Télé 7 Jours:

“A thriller with a script as original as it is captivating, taking place in the heart of the Alps, carried by the formidable performance of Marina Hands, overwhelming in this role of mother and cop, and an equally convincing team of actors.” 4/5

According to TV Star:

“The spectacular mountain scenery contributes to the charm of the series.” 3.5/5

According to Cable Sat:

“The first part is classic, austere and highlighted. Then the series pleasantly surprises with an interesting twist.” 3/5

According to Le Monde:

“Despite the efforts of the main interpreter who knows what tragedian means, despite the irruption of a French colleague who came to lend a hand (Sofiane Zermani), Hors saison remains far from the peaks that make up its background.” 2.5/5

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According to Le Figaro:

“This Franco-Swiss co-production, which seeks its references on the side of dark Nordic thrillers, falls flat. Too bad for the actors we love: formidable Marina Hands in Mytho and Sofiane Zermani in Les Sauvages. They struggle in vain in this desperately soulless and flat score.” 1.5/5

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According to Telerama:

“With its initial cliché trauma, its kitsch flashbacks and its scenes dripping with pathos, the series immediately caricatures the codes of the “Nordic noir” and the English thriller from which it tries, in a hazardous hybridization, to draw inspiration. ” 1.5/5

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