Oussekine: 5 good reasons not to miss this moving French series on…

On Disney +, a fiction returns for the first time to the tragic night of December 5 to 6, 1986 and the death of student Malik Oussekine, 35 years after the fact. A poignant family drama, here’s why you shouldn’t miss the Oussekine series!

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Malik Oussekine, a name engraved in the memory of many. More than 35 years after the tragic events of the night of December 5 to 6, 1986 in Paris, Disney+ lifts the veil on an original French mini-series soberly titled Oussekine.

The very first fiction to return to the drama which cost the life of this student, it thus offers the opportunity to the younger generations, as well as to those who have forgotten the facts, to finally discover or rediscover the poignant story, and who more is needed, of this young man.

At the end of 1986. As Malik crosses the Latin Quarter leaving a jazz concert to reach his apartment, he is pursued by a group of police officers on duty, before being violently beaten by these same men in the lobby. a building in which he took refuge. During the night, he was declared dead by the emergency services.

Oussekine: 5 good reasons not to miss this moving french series on...

A death that will mark an entire generation and have a real impact on French society in the 1980s.


Beyond Malik’s tragic fate, Oussekine sheds light on his family’s quest for justice: his mother Aïcha, his brothers Mohamed and Ben Amar and his sisters Sarah and Fatna. From their first reactions on learning of the death of their little brother, to their struggle to bring the truth to light, to the tensions that will sometimes come to interfere in their daily lives, we follow them as closely as possible as this real nightmare.

If the screenwriters of the series were able to tell with such accuracy this part of humanity essential to the story, it is by meeting the main protagonists: Mohamed, Ben Amar and Sarah. Malik’s two brothers were also present at the preview of Oussekine at the Grand Rex on May 9th.

Oussekine: 5 good reasons not to miss this moving french series on...


To bring this gripping story to life, the series team has surrounded itself with a brilliant cast, betting on a perfect balance between rising stars and recognized actors. In the first category, revelation Sayyid Al Alamiwhom some will recognize for his roles in Messiah and such a long nightembodies the young Malik Oussekine.

Around him gravitate Hiam Abbass (Succession), so moving as a bereaved mother, Tewfik Jallab (gears) in the guise of Mohamed, who became the protective head of the family after the death of his father, and Malek Lamraoui (The Office of Legends) in the skin of Ben Amar. Mouna Soualem (You deserve a love) moves with her strength in the role of Sarah, while Naidra Ayadi (Para//els) camps the discreet Fatna.

Other notable screen presences, Kad Merad interprets the lawyer Georges Kiejman, close to François Mitterrand, Olivier Gourmet lends his features to Minister Delegate for Security Robert Pandraud, and Thierry Godard is one of the accused police officers, Chief Sergeant Jean Schmitt.

Oussekine: 5 good reasons not to miss this moving french series on...


A tube of Daniel Balavoine which resounds on the radio, a portrait of François Mitterrand hung in the office of Minister Robert Pandraud, looks that could not be more retro… There is no doubt, the series takes place in the 80s, and we can only salute the sense of detail brought by the teams to the costumes, hairstyles and sets.

But it does not stop there, since, through his story, Oussekine also tells us about France at that time: student demonstrations against the Devaquet bill which aimed to set up selection at the entrance to universities , the white marches that followed the tragedy, Mitterrand’s re-election in 1988… The series also allows us to realize how topical its subject is!

Oussekine: 5 good reasons not to miss this moving french series on...


Behind this real success hides the director and screenwriter Antoine Chevrollierto whom we owe several episodes of Black Baron and The Office of Legends. He puts all his talent here at the service of the story of Malik, which he himself heard about for the first time thanks to the piece The state kills of the rap group Assassin.

The creator of the series surrounded himself with Cedric Ido (The good life), Faiza Guene (FLOOR) and Julien Lilti (Hippocrates, Germinal) for writing the screenplay, supported by the actress and director Lina Soualem for research work. Together, they were able to tell with sincerity and precision this poignant drama in the four episodes of the Oussekine mini-series, now available on Disney+.

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