Our 5 streaming tips: the most beautiful teen romance on Netflix, Le Bal des folles on …

Each week, the AlloCiné streaming team makes its selection of favorites with the news not to be missed. What made us vibrate, tremble, laugh, cry, jump? Here is our top 5 of the week.

Our 5 streaming tips: the most beautiful teen romance on netflix, le bal des folles on...
Netflix / Prime Video / HBO


This Swedish series which capsized several little hearts this summer on Netflix could well rekindle new ones, if you give it a chance for a little binge-watching in the middle of winter. Young Royals is a touching teenage love story set against a backdrop of initiatory narrative in a world of privileged students. In this intimate drama, we follow Prince Wilhelm’s journey and his integration into the prestigious Hillerska boarding school.

Believing that he can finally escape the weight of royal responsibilities and his intrusive family, Wilhelm hopes to find out who he really is and enjoy some freedom among his new comrades. His meeting with Simon, a young scholarship holder, will change his life and turn his convictions upside down. However, this relationship, initially hidden and then revealed in broad daylight in a malicious way, will disturb Wilhelm, who finds himself torn between his love and his duty, when he becomes the first in the order of succession to the throne.

At the opposite end of the sulphurous teen series, Young Royals seduces with its authenticity and sensitivity, due to brilliant writing and a convincing and realistic cast. Edvin Ryding and Omar Rudberg are impeccable and dazzling in the skin of these two lovebirds linked by a pure, delicate and even very mature love for pimply teenagers (far from the clichés of actors in their twenties playing high school students!). Even if the plot remains predictable, one cannot help but be charmed by this heartfelt, intelligent and moving LGBTQ + romance, filmed with care and poetry and cradled by a delicious pop soundtrack. MC

Le Bal des folles (Prime Video)

For her fifth film as director, Mélanie Laurent adapts Victoria Mas’ novel, Le Bal de folles, and offers a historical fresco on the fate of the women locked up at Pitié-Salpêtrière. It tells the fate of Eugenie, a brilliant and free young heroine, who has a gift: that of communicating with the dead. It doesn’t take her family any more to lock her up in Doctor Charcot’s hospital. There, she meets other patients, but especially a nurse, Geneviève, with whom she will forge a special bond.

Visually impressive and carried by a beautiful gallery of performers, this adaptation brings the great French period films up to date, such as, to name just one, Camille Claudel, a classic with Isabelle Adjani. Mélanie Laurent, in front of and behind the camera, turns her film into a fiery work that retains all its relevance today. She reunites with Lou de Laage, whom she had already directed in Respire. The two form a powerful and moving duo. Without a doubt, one of the best streaming movies of 2021. TD


Another series of superheroes? Yes, except that none of them closely or remotely resemble Invincible (one season available)! The animated series from Amazon Prime Video is the adaptation of the eponymous comic book, co-created by Robert Kirkman (the dad of The Walking Dead, also author of Marvel Zombies that Disney + will soon adapt).

In the universe ofInvincible, superpowered superheroes don’t have to be who we think they are. The series opens with the initiatory story of a teenager discovering superpowers. After a completely unexpected end of the pilot episode, the series embarks us on fun and gory adventures, on a thrilling pace that leaves no room for boredom.

Significant bonus: an incredible vocal cast in the original version, with the voices of Steven Yeun, JK Simmons, Sandra Oh, or Zachary Quinto, Seth Rogen and Mahershala Ali. Encouraged by its triumphant launch last March, Amazon Prime Video did not hesitate to renew the series for two more seasons! CC

Cruel Summer (Prime Video)

Summer has passed, but there isn’t really a season for binge-watcher Cruel Summer on Amazon (which the author of these lines devoured in a day). It is first of all its synopsis that is appealing: taking place over three summers in the 90s, the series chronicles the sudden disappearance of a popular high school girl and how one of her classmates, shy and awkward, suddenly becomes the city icon before turning into America’s most despised person when accused of having something to do with it. Is she guilty or innocent?

Each episode is told either from the point of view of the first or from the point of view of the second. An interesting mechanic that allows the series to capture the viewer and maintain the mystery around its two heroines camped by the brilliant Olivia Holt (Cloak and Dagger) and Chiara Aurelia. Between the pretenses, the lies, the revelations that are trickle and the reversals of the situation well brought about, the scenario of Cruel Summer will keep you in suspense until the last scene.

For those who want a short series, know that the series has only 10 small episodes and that season 2 should tell a whole different story … CTC


Mare of Easttown (OCS)

We have already said all the good we think about it but the feeling continues that we will never do enough on Mare of Easttown. Because you always want to shout your love for Kate Winslet. In this HBO mini-series, available on OCS, she plays a role that denotes her career: she plays a policewoman in a small town, rather grumpy, never made up and always a little scruffy. We are far from the glamorous image of the muse of beauty. And yet this is what shines through in each of his scenes.

The beauty of the image of Craig Zobel who directed all the episodes. The beauty in the power of this story, despite its tragic side: the investigation into the murder of a young girl that shakes the whole community. Beyond the classic detective series, Mare of Easttown paints a deeply touching portrait of all the protagonists. It is humanity that emerges from it, with all its flaws and weaknesses, which makes it a major work. Of those that remain in your mind for months afterwards.

Finally the beauty of Kate Winslet. Her plastic beauty of course, even if everything is done to make her an ordinary woman who does not have the time or even the inclination to dress up in the morning. And it blends into the character without any form of preciousness. But it is the beauty of his game above all that leaves us speechless. There is a veracity in his way of interpreting Mare, an idea of ​​sparing nothing, withholding nothing and giving everything to his character which commands admiration. A series to (re) see and which is one of the must-sees of the year. ES

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