Our 5 streaming tips: Orelsan’s docu, a Star Wars series, a very Netflix movie …

Each week, the AlloCiné streaming team makes its selection of favorites with the news not to be missed. What made us vibrate, tremble, laugh, cry, jump? Here is our top 5 of the week.

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Dos (Netflix)

Surely you haven’t forgotten the human centipede from The Human Centipede? Or the atrocious traps of the Saw saga? At first glance, the Spanish thriller Dos seems straight out of this madness. Locked in a room, a man and a woman who do not know each other wake up glued to each other. Worse yet, their abdomens have been sewn together to become one.

Very short, this concept film works thanks to its daring idea and the play of its two interpreters. That sensitive souls rest assured, the camera is not as unbearable as its synopsis suggests. Director Mar Targarona – owed to The Photographer of Mauthausen, also available on Netflix – strives to engage viewers’ imaginations rather than sinking into free torture porn. TD

Third Eye Productions / Nolita Invest

Orelsan – Never show that to anyone (Prime Video)

Love letter from a little brother to a big brother, Show this to no one tells the story of Aurélien Cotentin’s unfiltered and uncompromising journey to become rapper Orelsan. This documentary series in six episodes by Clément Cotentin can claim to be authentic and inspiring but also very well written and edited, which is quite rare for a work of this kind on a French musical artist!

Far from a formatted and superficial vision, Never Show that to anyone juggles between testimonies, backstage, intimate moments, laughter, doubts, successes and failures and paints a benevolent, funny, realistic and melancholy portrait of Orelsan through the eyes of this brother who admires him so much and who has been filming him for years. More than the career of an artist, it is also the voice of a whole generation that resonates in this documentary series which will bring back fond memories to the most nostalgic and which allows a better understanding of the evolution of the music industry. MC

La Casa de Papel (Netflix)

That’s it, we’re done with La Casa de Papel. Finally ! Finally, because the last few seasons have been laborious, at least for the author of these lines. Nonetheless, it’s hard to totally deny the excitement at the start. Do you remember ? When we discovered this guy a little stuck with a head of the class. And who in addition called himself The Professor …

What about Denver’s infectious laughter? And the matriarchy claimed by Nairobi? And the assumed anarchist side of Tokyo? Even if it has often broken our feet … For all the good times of the first breakage, that of the National Currency and Stamp Factory, it may be worth reviewing the first two seasons. And to rediscover with amazement the completely crazy but so brilliant plans of the Professor. ES

The Wheel of Time (Prime Video)

Adaptation of a successful literary saga, The Wheel of Time is THE fantasy series of the moment. We follow five villagers whose lives are turned upside down when a powerful and mysterious woman reveals to them that one of them is the child of an ancient prophecy that could plunge the world into Darkness forever. Will they agree to follow this stranger in order to preserve the World, before the Dark One escapes from his prison and the Ultimate Battle begins?

The Wheel of Time is a rich new universe that might appeal to fans of The Lord of the Rings (more than Game of Thrones to which some compare it): a world where power is held by women, the Aes Sedai, and where an old enemy (the Dark One, a sort of pendant to Sauron) threatens to come and ravage the Earth. Only the reincarnation of a Dragon in a 20-year-old young man or woman can turn things around.

Tell you: the first episodes are frankly average. Blame it on an uninspired cast – Rosamund Pike in the lead – and a universe that takes time to fall into place. But once launched, the series plunges us into a fascinating world of magic, and we quickly develop a passion for the heroes and their quest. Finally, visually, La Roue du Temps has nothing to envy to other fantasy productions seen in the cinema … CT

Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Disney +)

Along with The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, the Star Wars universe is also expanding through animation series. After The Clone Wars and Rebels, The Bad Batch invites us to explore the in-between trilogy (between Episodes III and IV) by following the adventures of a squad of genetically modified clones: the Clone Force 99.

Spin-off of The clone wars, The Bad Batch However, it is not quite the continuation: thus, it is quite possible to follow this new animated series without having seen the previous one! Attached to the official canon of the saga, it explores completely new parts of the plot, revealing for example why the imperial army has decided to replace its elite clones with ordinary soldiers.

A complement to the films, not necessarily essential in the background, but sufficiently entertaining and thrilling to make us want to wait for the second season, officially ordered by the Disney + platform! CC

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