Our 5 streaming tips of the week: Clair-Obscur, Flashback, Losing Alice, Kevin Can …

Each week, the AlloCiné streaming team makes its selection of favorites with the news not to be missed. What made us vibrate, tremble, laugh, cry, jump? Here is our top 5 of the week.

Our 5 streaming tips of the week: clair-obscur, flashback, losing alice, kevin can...
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Each week, the streaming division team makes its selection of shots. hearts. An article produced by Clément Cusseau, Thomas Desroches and Emilie Semiramoth.

Clair-Obscur (Netflix)

Actress Rebecca Hall walks behind the camera. For her first film, she adapts the novel by Nella Larsen, Passing, which tells the story of a black woman posing as white in 1920s America. This subject, the director knows only too well because his grandfather, himself African-American, had recourse to this practice to escape the everyday racism.

Of great sincerity, Passing – or its French title, Clair-Obscur – offers a delicate drama that questions the spectator about his identity and his roots. Rebecca Hall showcases black and white feature a lavishly signed photograph Eduard Grau, chief operator of A Single Man or Brueid. Headlining, Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga embody nuanced characters that oppose everything and carry with talent this feature film that deserves your full attention. TD

Flashback (Prime Video)

Former lawyer turned comedian, Caroline Vigneaux directs her first feature film, Flashback. She plays Charlie, an unfriendly lawyer with questionable practices, who is sent back in time to cross paths with the most important women in French history, from Joan of Arc to Marie Curie, in passing by Gisèle Halimi.

A fairly common concept in cinema, time travel is used here for educational purposes to serve a feminist message. Caroline Vigneaux is not short of ideas and has fun with the eras that she takes pleasure in resuscitating, helped by an explosive cast: Suzanne Clément, Sylvie Testud, Gad Elmaleh, Bruno Solo, Florent Peyre… Flashback has the faults of a first film, but its laudable ambition and intentions alone are worth a look. TD

Our 5 streaming tips of the week: clair-obscur, flashback, losing alice, kevin can...
Prime Video

Losing Alice (Apple TV +)

Released earlier this year on Apple TV +, Israeli miniseries Alice Losing is a captivating psychological thriller starring Ayelet Zurer, known for its investments in Daredevil and Man of steel. In Losing AliceShe sang the title role, that of a director who rose to fame but is out of inspiration since she abandoned her career for the benefit of his family life. His chance encounter with a young woman on the train, Sophie (Lihi Kornowski), a writer and extractor fans will tilt his whole life.

Held in eight episodes, Losing Alice is a dive into the complex psyche of Alice, a woman whose main creative material is desire, but now sorely lacking. The scenario that Sophie brings him – and whose male lead goes to Alice’s husband, a well-known and successful actor – just auscultates the perverse relationship between a young woman and an older man. The whole narrative play in this plot is whether Sophie’s dramatic script is taken from a true story, her own, and whether her intentions are to interfere with Alice’s intimate life. What exactly is she looking for? To steal her husband. To seduce her? Everything is obscure and subject to interpretation. Both object of reflection on the work of creation on the part of truth that an author injects into his work and the desire of a woman who is more than a mother, Losing Alice is a whirlwind of emotions. ES.

Kevin Can F ** k Himself (Prime Video)

Airing at the end of August, the first season of Kevin Can F ** k Himself is also about a desperate housewife. Allison, played by Annie Murphy known for her role in Schitt’s Creek, leads an ordinary life, married to Kevin (Eric Petersen) and living in a small suburban house. She has no children, or at least if her husband Kevin, a very immature man who is just on whims and vagaries considers his wife as her maid.

At first glance, Kevin Can F ** k Himself is no different from other series that chronicle the miserable and boring lives of many housewives. Yet on the form, this black comedy offers something radically different. Because to highlight the discomfort experienced by Allison, Kevin Can F ** k Himself takes advantage of appearing alternately as a classic sitcom with laugh track, its decor and shots which take literally all the rules of the genre and, as a classic drama. The principle is simple: all the scenes in which Kevin appears are filmed like a sitcom with schoolboy jokes of which Allison is the victim. All those where Allison is alone are filmed as a drama, with a murky light and an emphasis on the distress of the young woman. Everything is done to make us understand that the American dream broke its face a long time ago …

Our 5 streaming tips of the week: clair-obscur, flashback, losing alice, kevin can...
Prime Video

Alice in Borderland (Netflix)

Launched last December on Netflix, Alice in Borderland is a Japanese manga series adapted from the eponymous Haro Asō (published in France by Delcourt / Tonkam). Its plot follows the adventures of three Japanese students in a dystopian world, while a supernatural event took away from the surface of almost all world population. The trio are invited to participate in a series of deadly games …

Consisting of eight episodes, the first season ofAlice in Borderland is a compendium of action and suspense. While each game appeals to both physical and intellectual abilities of its participants, the spirit of survival that animates reinforces our commitment to the characters, for most young people lack of benchmarks. The series offers many bloody kills, out of step with the childlike spirit of its games, like Squid Game to whom she is often compared. A second season currently filming is expected on Netflix for December 2022. CC

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