OSS 117: why was Jean Dujardin chosen for the role?

Oss 117: why was jean dujardin chosen for the role?

While “OSS 117, Cairo’s nest of spies” is broadcast this Monday evening on M6 and that “OSS 117: Red alert in black Africa” ​​is about to land in theaters, return to the choice of Jean Dujardin in the role of the priceless secret agent.

By slipping into the tuxedo of OSS 117, Jean Dujardin was offered a role 100% certified cult. While Cairo, nest of spies, the first opus released 15 years ago, is broadcast this Monday evening on M6, and the third part, Red alert in black Africa, is about to be unveiled in theaters, return on the choice of actor, in the mid-2000s, to play on screen Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath. A casting that sounded obvious.

“At the time of writing, I didn’t know who would play OSS”, explained in 2006 the screenwriter Jean-François Halin. “We just wanted him to be funny and handsome, with a Sean Connery physique! I had seen Jean in A Guy, a Girl and at the movies in All Girls Are Crazy at which he is very good. suddenly I began to write for him. “

Director Michel Hazanavicius was very enthusiastic about his collaboration with Dujardin. “He and I immediately felt that we were going to have a blast”, he said at the time. “I quickly realized his playing power. For me, it’s a real encounter. We worked in absolute mutual trust. I loved to see him go and watch the combo between takes, see his eye twinkle. . “

“He is a fabulous, precise, charismatic actor. He dresses the shot, his presence structures the image and he works on all aspects of his game”, continues Hazanavicius, who will lead Dujardin again in OSS 117 two years later in Rio no longer responds. “In addition, he is one of the few in France on the somewhat deserted niche of the handsome manly guy. He is one of the few able to embody the heroes.”

And Jean Dujardin, what was his state of mind after being chosen to embody Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath ?There are two roles that every actor dreams of playing: a cowboy and a secret agent “, he said with relish as he left Cairo, nest of spies. “I was offered OSS 117 well before the shooting of Brice de Nice. The cult of the hero is so rare in France that meeting one is a real chance! “

“There was also a real finesse of writing and the desire to divert without parodying”, continues Dujardin. “As an actor, it was an opportunity to create a character of composition as I adore them. Ten months in a suit, raven black hair, working on his way of speaking to find the slightly sung music of the French dubbing of the time, the gestures, the look, the way of walking, it’s a treat! “

The trailer for “OSS 117 Red Alert in Black Africa”:

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