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Anthony Hopkins, Oscar for Best Actor for “The Father”, did not attend the Oscars ceremony which was held this weekend from Los Angeles. Why was he absent? Here is the response from director Florian Zeller.

Despite the pandemic, the Oscars ceremony was able to privilege as much as possible a “face-to-face” event. The winners, for the most part, were able to make the trip to physically attend the ceremony. Only a few duplexes were planned, as for Florian Zeller, French rewarded for The Father, who was in duplex in Paris.

Anthony Hopkins, also awarded for this film, as best actor, did not take part in the ceremony. An absence which may have been surprising, especially since it was the very last prize awarded, creating a slight moment of hesitation at the end of the broadcast.

Why was Anthony Hopkins absent? Writer and director Florian Zeller has indicated that he was “also stuck in a sanitary bubble“, as he confided to Parisian. The actor wanted to participate through Zoom but was refused by the organizers of the ceremony.

The actor, very present on social networks, did not fail to share his impressions the next day via a video.

From Wales, where he is from, Anthony Hopkins confided his emotion and his surprise to receive this award, admitting very frankly that he “didn’t think I got that price“. And to insist:”I really didn’t expect this, so thank you“.

It must be said, indeed, that Chadwick Boseman, left favorite, but the actor of The Father finally created the surprise by taking down the statuette. Hopkins also paid tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman in his post-Oscars video.

Still in the columns of the Parisian, Florian Zeller confided his emotion when Anthony Hopkins learned that he had won the Oscar: “He had just woken up, I felt his great emotion, it upset me. a particular sense for him to receive again the greatest consecration which is for an actor, more than thirty years after that of the ‘Silence of the lambs’, I did not think that he would be so happy… “

The Father will soon be released in French theaters.

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