Oscars 2021: a 92-year-old Frenchwoman on the prize list

Oscars 2021: a 92-year-old Frenchwoman on the prize list

In the short films categories, the Oscars rewarded the entrants “Two Distant Strangers” and “Quoiqu’il arrive, je vous aime”, but also the documentary “Colette”, which features a former Norman resistance fighter of 92 years. Focus.

Dirty Robber / Netflix

Which short films were crowned at the 93rd Academy Awards, which delivered its prize list this Monday morning? Committed works, with the statuettes awarded to Two Distant Strangers and Whatever Happens, I Love You. But also a moving documentary, Colette, which stages Colette MarinCatherine, a former resistant Norman now 92 years old. We take stock of the three winners.


Available on Netflix.

Sacred Best Short Film, Two Distant Strangers tells the story of a comic book artist who, while looking for his dog, is brutally murdered by the police for no reason. He then finds himself stuck in a time loop, where he is forced to relive that moment, over and over again.

Led by young New York rapper Joey Bada $$, the drama Two Distant Strangers, produced by NBA basketball player Kevin Durant, uses the process of One Endless Day to denounce police violence against the black community. A film that necessarily echoes the recent events that shook America, including the murder of George Floyd.


Available on Netflix. Forbidden to under 12s.

Oscar for Best Animated Short Film, Whatever happens i love you tells the story of grieving parents who find themselves sucked into the immense void created by the loss of their child in a tragic school shooting.

For Whatever Happens, I Love You, produced by actress Laura Dern, directors and screenwriters Michael Govier and Will McCormack (who notably worked on Toy Story 4) met parents who lost one or more children during of a school shooting. “We wanted to make an elegy. [ …] I dare believe that there is hope in this, because we show how the human spirit can endure and advance “, they declared in an interview with Animation Scoop.

COLETTE (2020)

Oscar winner for Best Documentary Short, Colette follows the story of Colette Marin-Catherine, a 90-year-old Norman who was a member of the Resistance under the Nazi Occupation and who undertakes for the first time a trip to Germany, 74 years after the end of the Second World War. The object of his journey: the visit of the Dora concentration camp, where his brother was assassinated by the Nazis.

Directed by Anthony Giachinno, the brother of the composer Michael Giacchino (the series Lost, The Incredibles, Up there …), Colette is the first film produced by a video game company, in this case Respawn Entertainment, to compete for the Oscar. The short movie is part of the series of video modules made around virtual reality gaming Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond, whose action takes place during World War II.

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