Oscar nominee Glenn Close is on a mission to end the stigma surrounding mental illness

But in real life, in the name of the Academy Award and Tony and Golden Globe winner is busy Clinical arc light in mental awareness.

Then the doors, so it is personal.

“Most of the families of any nature,” Close told CNN. “She’s my age when he came to me and said, ‘I need help to stop thinking about killing myself, it was like a bolt out of nowhere.”

At age 50, after years of struggling, his sister Jessie was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Jessie’s son, Calen Pick, was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder in 2001.

“When you look back, I saw that Jessie mental distress when he was very young,” Close said. “… This rub her fingers while the other is ambitious enough, until it was raw, sometimes bleeding. But now that it would be a major red flag.”

And the next step of their growing families that do not say anything, “and not talk to him. How he began to learn more about the heat stigma and discrimination of mental illness that often surrounds By the end of his mission in this fight is that stigma.

In 2009, when his sister Jessie weather that began to change Bring to a non-profit and mental awareness and support the books of schools and communities.

With the aim of fostering a sense of empathy soil produces and develops multimedia campaigns to encourage young people in various directions radical cultural reasons of speech.

“It’s a chronic illness,” Close said. “It’s not who you are. There is nothing that is remarkable for the amazing fragile brain, which is part of being human.”

According to the National Alliance on mental illness per year in the US, one in five adults experience a mental illness, one in six children age 6 to 17 experience mental health disorder.

Bring change his mind clubs created in a region where high school students through talking less reasoning about the mental and emotional and social issues. Note colleges is to provide a pain-free, and to offer a space to speak as one on behalf of himself.

“At first,” says Jerome, about 19 Covid pandemic ‘collective mental health of our under such stress that it is something that really connects … we need to take care of our brains. Makes us human. ‘

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (500), a pandemic is linked to mental challenges, too.

And depressive disorder symptoms such as anxiety disorder in the April to June increased in the United States far from 2020, compared with 2019 at the same time, 500 said.

During the pandemic, Bring Change to its mission and the work continued, holding meetings at the country club Zoom continue the dialogue. To end the more.

“The kids, they’re wonderful. And so to speak in public. It really is a sense of the city and spoke to each other though kids from all over the country.”

This Sunday, as nominee for best Supporting actress, Close to the center stage before and once again. But after more than a recognition of the critical recognition from their peers – and the fight to end stigma often attached to mental illness.

“I remember when I was little, cancer is the alarm. If the law had cancer stigma is great to your eyes,” Close said. “I was directed to the needs of the application. We need to talk about this talk about our mental and physical health as easily. This is necessary so that all the expense that is not level.”

If you need to talk, please contact the National Suicide Prevention works Text Line 741-741 BC2M from texting or calling Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK ((8) 255).

To learn more information at Change to submit your website to Mind the bringchange2mind.org.

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