Orelsan: discover his favorite American films – cinema news

Do you know Orelsan’s tastes in cinema, and more specifically American cinema? AlloCiné had met him at the Deauville Festival in 2019, the opportunity for the rapper / director to share with us his tastes as spectators.

Orelsan: discover his favorite american films - cinema news
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AlloCiné: What is your first memory of watching an American film?

Orelsan: Outside of Disney, because otherwise it’s The Jungle Book, it’s Ghostbusters 2. I went to see it at the movies and what’s weird is that I should have seen the 1 before. I lived in the Orne, and my father took me to the movies, so for me, Ghostbusters is still a crazy thing for me today.

Well they’re going to remake a movie with Bill Murray coming back.

Oh yeah ? Very good !

What’s your bedside movie, the one you can watch over and over again?

Matrix, I can see it galore. I like Keanu Reeves too much, kung fu …

Slowdowns …

Yeah, it got old obviously, the bullet-time effect, but I like it too much.

Well they’re also going to do one again, with Keanu Reeves returning.

Nooooo ?! But Keanu Reeves I love him, it’s not even a question of the game, I love to see him on the screen.

Orelsan: discover his favorite american films - cinema news
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The movie that made you laugh the most?

Zoolander, I watched him over and over, it blew me away. No no no, it’s Is there a cop to save the queen with Leslie Nielsen, who I watched when I was little! Right now I’m having a big revival of his films.

The movie that scared you the most?

When I was little -when now you watch it it doesn’t matter to you- but it was Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. A son of my parents’ friends was a fan of the living dead and zombies, he had posters all over the place, and I saw the scene where the worms coming out of the nose and everything, and I was eight and that terrified me.

Very creepy. The one that made you cry the most? Not all people cry at the movies, but …

Yes, I am crying, I’m not ashamed. I have one but it’s not American. (he thinks) Movies are like music, we mix everything up. You can ask me what I’m listening to right now it’s the same, I’m looking. Oh yes, kid, I had seen A Perfect World, I had a lot of complaints. Dance with the wolves too I whimpered. All movies with Kevin Costner! (laughs)

An unknown nugget?

Chasing Amy by Kevin Smith. We talk a lot about Clerks but Chasing Amy it’s a really good movie and it’s less well known.

Orelsan: discover his favorite american films - cinema news

Will Ferrell in his works

A director you would like to work with?

Fincher I think. Or Nolan. I like to choose a guy who is not too “ieuv”, for me that’s an American film: Fight Club or Seven. There is just my sensitivity, enough intrigue and it respects enough scenario rules so that I don’t get bored … and at the same time it’s beautiful! It’s not original but it’s one of the best. And then it’s my side mainstream music, I like things that work! I loved Terrence Malick’s movie yesterday [Une vie cachée, NdlR] but Fincher’s cinema really makes me dream.

Do you have a favorite genre in American cinema?

I like goofy comedies with Will Ferrell or parodies too.

Like “Featured Presenter”, for example?

(he’s laughing) but it is so much my cam! Or even the Lonely Islands with Andy Samberg and Popstar … I’m just the guy that can laugh and it’s one of my favorite movies for two years. While it gets bad reviews, it’s not a good movie, but every joke touches me because I understand everything! In addition, when I did Comment c’est loin, I made a lot of films about music, from Bob Fosse to Pop star ! I love musicals too.

Well then I take advantage: a musical comedy that you adore?

Cabaret, Whiplash … Phantom of the Paradise.

Orelsan: discover his favorite american films - cinema news
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Andy Samberg in “Popstar”

Do you have a cult soundtrack?

I loved the movie Friday with Chris Tucker and Ice Cube too much and in it was the title of Dr Dre Keep Their Heads Ringin Ring-a-ding ding ding dong “, and I loved too much! In parody musical, there is one that I love too much is CB4 with Chris Rock, a parody of NWA, it came out ago 30 years old, but it was a good thing! It’s not even a good movie, but it speaks to me!

An actor and an American that you would like to make in one of your films?

I like Greta Gerwig, I like it when it’s underplay, the mumblecore. (…) Scarlett Johansson, I’ve been in love with her since Match Point. As a male actor, I would say Denzel Washington. I would like to make a couple Denzel Washington / Scarlett Johansson, it could be super phew but they may have too much difference.

It was never done anyway!

Afterwards, as I really like comedy, directing a Will Ferrell would be great, but I suspect he does a lot of improvisation … It tires me!

And finally, an American film that has not aged?

Often, the films that don’t get old are those that have a simple real-life process, otherwise it marks the era too much. I don’t know why, I’m thinking of British films there …

Orelsan: discover his favorite american films - cinema news

Scarlett Johansson in “Match Point”

Ah, that’s at the Dinard festival!

Yeah ! So, I want to say something cool. Maybe in the 80s, but between the hairstyles and the special effects … Maybe a period movie … I want to say Indiana Jones but I have a little doubt. In my head, it has not aged!

In the 80s, a film that has not aged is “Stand By Me”, for example.

Serious! Or the early Richard Linklater. Like Slackers, but yes, it got really old. But otherwise The 25th Hour of Spike Lee it has not aged. I think Rosario Dawson looks the same. Edward Norton has the same head, New York has not changed … On the other hand, Do The Right Thing has aged, Brooklyn no longer exists!

Interview carried out on September 13, 2019 in Deauville.

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