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20 years of never seen archives, 3000 hours of rush: Never show that to anyone, the docu-series on Orelsan, has landed on Prime Video. This incredible project and designed by the rapper’s brother deciphers his crazy rise. 9 pieces of information to remember.

Never show that to anyone, Clément Cotentin’s documentary on his big brother Orelsan is available on Prime Video.

He lived very great moments of loneliness

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In 2006, Orelsan took part in the Unkut Contest: a clash tournament organized by Booba with Diam’s, Omar Sy and Rim’K in the jury. His best friends (his brother, Gringe and his producers Ablaye and Skread) think Orelsan is going to stand out for his talent for punchlines and improv, but nothing goes as planned.

Sure of himself, Orelsan starts his battle… and is immediately booed. He is eliminated in the first round: back to his job as a hotel night watchman. But the texts he wrote for Unkut Battle did not end in the trash …

This is not his only moment of solitude since in 2008, during his very first concert at the Boule Noire, Orelsan simply forgets to turn on his microphone. A flip shot from which he fled in style as revealed in the 3rd episode of the documentary.

He was a videographer before the rise of Youtubers

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The bad experience of the Unkut Contest makes Orelsan want to hang on to rap, without knowing how to really make himself known. We are in 2006 and the Myspace social network is starting to have success.

He then registers on the site and posts sounds, videos and homemade clips on his profile for 2 years. Little by little, the concept took hold and its very particular universe went viral, until the immense noise caused by the release of Valentine’s Day in 2007.

What he did after the dirty bitch controversy

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February 2009: Orelsan released their first studio album Perdu d’avance. He was then dubbed by the public and the critics for his innovative writing combining technique, humor and anecdotes that allow him to identify with him.

But while he is a hit and is scheduled in festivals, Orelsan is caught up by the controversy around the song Sale P * te, for lyrics deemed sexist. The media whirlwind starts, the political debate gets involved and it is continued in court.

The rapper sees all his tour dates canceled and his album numbers plummet. “I wanted to stop everything”, launches Orelsan in front of his brother’s camera Clement Cotentin by commenting on this episode of his career.

At the time of his abortive tour, the rapper left for a month in the United States with his family to relax, no longer making music and taking on a lot of weight in the process: “I think I was actually depressed. repeat now afterwards. ”

Skread was at the creation of The Earth is Round

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The 4th episode plunges us into the fascinating conception of the album Le Chant des sirènes, with a new masked identity, draconian regime, makeover, all under the direction of director David Tomaszewski who takes control of his image. We also learn a surprising anecdote.

While a real hit is missing to carry the record and Orelsan has been working on the text of The Earth is Round for many months, Skread, the producer of always and best friend of the rapper leaves the studio for a meeting.

It was at this time that Orelsan built this piece which transformed his life and won him the Music Victory for the best urban music album in 2012.

His first Zenith in Paris almost turned into a tragedy

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With the immense success of the Song of the Sirens, Orelsan sold out until he performed at the Zénith in Paris for a single date, October 16, 2012. A concert for which the rapper had great ambitions.

Between the settings of the lighting and sound effects, a large screen, an endless list of guests, accessories and costumes and even a grand piano to be fixed in height, the technical team realizes that they are not sure. to be able to perform the show.

At one hour before the start of the concert, Orelsan and the artists have not yet been able to rehearse. “We stopped the scales, people were entering the room,” Ablaye explains. A sequence as stressful as it is joyful when you know the way the concert finally took place.

His relationship with Gringe is more complex and moving than it seems

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The fans know it well, Gringe and Orelsan have been friends from the very beginning and rapped for fun by forming the duo Casseur Flowter from the end of the 90s, in homage to the thieves of Mom, I missed the plane.

Episode 5 looks back on this long friendship and how the success of Orelsan has made it evolve. While everyone thought that Gringe would break through long before Orelsan thanks to his charisma and his innate gift for rap, he returned to the benches of college.

In 2012, during the creation of the album Orelsan and Gringe are the Casseurs Flowters, Orelsan is used to writing while Gringe “Dropped” in his own words. If we follow how the tandem gave birth to the film Comment c’est loin and the Blocked series, we especially catch a glimpse of Gringe’s tortured personality and their moving relationship.

“We lost him a bit sometimes, then he came back…, says Skread. It’s Gringe, we like it that way. ” “I’m warm under the wing of Orel,” says Gringe. Before following my buddy in the music (…) I gave my skin a low price. ”

No one believed in Basic

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In 2016, rap has evolved, the instruments are no longer the same and Orelsan leaves alone in a chalet to design his new album … an album that he initially thought he sang and not rapped. However, he wrote his first piece, Basic, which Skread reworked to give it its sonic and rhythmic scope.

“Basic, at the beginning, we make people who work around us listen to it, they say“ it’s a disaster, we mustn’t get out of this! ” explains the producer. It’s Paradis, his love song about his 7-year-old couple with Ahélya, which is considered the single to be released to carry the album.

Skread is a firm believer and insists that Basic come out first. The success is even greater than they could have hoped: the politicians take the formula, Manu Payet parody the Caesar …

He almost missed the Victoires de la Musique 2018

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While La Fête is over triumphant and Orelsan is on tour, the latter is nominated 3 times for the Victoires de la musique. Problem: the evening of the event in Paris, he gives a concert in Geneva. In order not to cancel the date, Orelsan hatches a plan with his team.

As the concert hall is located next to an airport, they board a plane just after leaving the stage and arrive at the ceremony on time. “There are people from the Geneva public who told me that by the time they got home, they turned on the TV and bam they see us,” says Orelsan.

At stake: 3 trophies, including that of the male artist of the year for Orelsan who comes on stage to interpret in a simple and basic way San, one of his most intimate pieces.

He is preparing his comeback

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The end of the documentary series lifts the veil on a piece of information that will make every fan’s mouth water: “This is just the beginning!” As several images suggest, Orelsan took advantage of the confinement to prepare his next album.

And that’s not all since he also went to Los Angeles with Skread and Ablaye, but also his brother and his camera, which could well herald a season 2 to this exciting documentary series …

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