OPM Pay Dates 2024 – Payment Schedule, Key Change and Eligibility!

OPM’s 2024 pay dates are available on their official website. First-quarter pay periods conclude on March 31with subsequent quarters ending on June 30, September 30, and December 31, 2024.

OPM Pay Dates 2024

The OPM General Schedule (GS) employees follow a bi-weekly pay schedule, meaning they receive payslips every two weeks. There are 26 pay periods in 2024, each with designated end dates and corresponding deposit dates.

  • Pay Period End Dates: These fall on a Wednesday every two weeks, with a few exceptions due to federal holidays.
  • Deposit Dates: Paychecks are typically deposited electronically two business days after the pay period ends. For instance, if the pay period ends on a Wednesday, the deposit will usually occur on the following Friday.

OPM Payment Schedule 2024

This table highlights the first and last pay period of each month, along with their corresponding end dates and estimated deposit dates (remember, actual deposit dates may shift due to holidays):

MonthFirst Pay Period End DateLast Pay Period End DateEstimated Deposit Dates (First/Last)
JanuaryJan 10Jan 31Jan 12/Feb 2
FebruaryFeb 7Feb 28Feb 9/Mar 1
MarchMar 8Mar 29Mar 8/Mar 29
AprilApr 5Apr 26Apr 5/Apr 26
MayMay 3May 24May 3/May 24
JuneJun 7Jun 28June 7/June 28
JulyJul 5Jul 26Christmas 5/Christmas 26
AugustAug 2Aug 23Aug 2/Aug 23
SeptemberSep 6Sep 27Sep 6/Sep 27
OctoberOct 3Oct 24Oct 3/Oct 24
NovemberNov 7Nov 28Nov 9/Nov 28
DecemberDec 5Dec 26Dec 6/Dec 27

OPM Pay Dates

Key Changes to OPM Pay Dates in 2024

The key changes to the OPM pay dates in 2024 include a significant pay raise for federal employees, with an overall average increase of 5.2%. The pay raise will take effect in the first full pay period in January 2024. It includes:

No Columbus Day Observance:

  • Unlike 2023, Columbus Day (October 14th) does not impact the 2024 pay schedule.
  • No adjustments to pay periods or deposit dates due to this federal holiday.

Election Day:

  • Election Day (November 5th) falls on a Tuesday in 2024 and is not a designated federal holiday.
  • Most federal employees will maintain their regular pay schedule.
  • Individual agencies may have varying policies regarding Election Day leave or potential schedule adjustments.

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Enrollment:

  • Deadline to sign up and choose charities for payroll deductions through CFC is January 15th, 2024.
  • Deductions begin with the first pay period after January 15th (PP 2024-04) and end with the pay period including January 15th of the following year (PP 2025-03).

Leave Year Change:

  • The 2023 leave year ends on January 13th, 2024 (PP 2024-02).
  • The 2024 leave year begins on January 14th, 2024 (PP 2024-03) and ends on January 11th, 2025 (PP 2025-02).
  • Employees in the six-hour leave category receive their extra four hours in the last full pay period of each leave year (PP 2024-01 and PP 2025-01).

Eligibility for OPM Salary Payments in 2024

To be eligible for salary payments through the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in 2024, you must meet both of the following general criteria:

Employment Status:

  • You must be a civilian employee of the federal government.
  • This includes employees under:
    • General Schedule (GS) pay system
    • Federal Wage System (FWS)
    • Other pay systems covered by OPM regulations

Active Employment:

  • You must be in an active pay status during the relevant pay period.
  • This means you should not be:
    • On leave without pay (LWOP)
    • Separated from service before the end of the pay period
    • Retired before the end of the pay period
  • Agency-specific policies: Individual agencies may have specific policies or requirements for employee eligibility for salary payments.
  • Special pay considerations: Certain circumstances, such as workers’ compensation or severance pay, may have different eligibility criteria not covered here.

Tips for OPM Pay in 2024

While understanding eligibility is important, here are some additional tips to navigate your OPM pay in 2024:

Managing Finances:

  • Utilise direct deposit: Opting for direct deposit ensures timely and secure delivery of your paycheck electronically.
  • Plan your budget: Use your pay schedule and estimated salary figures to create a realistic budget and manage your finances effectively.
  • Explore benefits and resources: Familiarise yourself with available federal employee benefits, such as health insurance, retirement savings plans, and financial counselling resources.
  • Review pay stubs carefully: Regularly review your pay stubs to ensure accuracy and understand any deductions or adjustments applied.

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