OPJ on France 3: after the bonus with Lola Dewaere, what awaits you in season 3…

Season 3 of the “OPJ” series begins tonight on France 3 with the broadcast of a prime event with Lola Dewaere as a guest. The sequel, made up of seven new investigations, will be broadcast daily from August 2. Find out what awaits you.

After a year off the air, OPJthe detective series from France Télévisions filmed under the Reunion sun, made its big comeback on France 3 this evening on the occasion of a prime event with Lola Dewaere (Astrid and Raphaelle) which opens season 3 of the adventures of Clarissa, Gaspard, Jackson, and the others.

The continuation of the third unpublished season of OPJ, it will be broadcast during the day on France 3, Monday to Friday at 2:15 p.m., from Tuesday August 2. And this until Wednesday, August 10.

At the rate of two per day, fans of the series will be able to discover 14 new 52-minute episodes divided into seven two-part investigations that promise their share of twists. Both on a police level and on a personal level.

What does season 3 have in store for us?

An influencer killed live, a single mother found beaten and murdered, a body discovered in the freezer of an old lady, or even a rescued surfer torn to pieces, not by a shark but by a dog… This season 3 of OPJ takes Clarissa and her team into new and unique worlds of Reunion.

Whether in the heart of a distillery and the sugar cane fields, in a borderline student brotherhood, with a brother and a sister impatient to see their grandmother die, or on the lagoon and in the heights of the island.

OPJ on France 3 after the bonus with Lola Dewaere
Ronan Lechat – FTV – Terence Films

Each investigation will shake up our police officers who are already shaken by the upheavals of their private lives. While Commander Clarissa Hoarau (Yaelle Trules) is seduced by her daughter’s dance teacher, she does not know that the latter shares the same feelings for her teacher.

Captain Gaspard Watson (Antoine Stip), as for him, sees his story with the medical examiner of the brigade come to an abrupt end. While, on their side, Kelly Kwaté (marielle karabeu), the young procedural of the group, and Lt. Jackson Bellerose (Nathan Dellemme) live a relationship finally appeased. But it was without counting on the return of Kelly’s mother, whom she believed to be dead, and of an ex of Jackson, pregnant.

“OPJ responds to the ambition of France Télévisions to anchor its creative policy in all regions, overseas and in France”explains the public audiovisual group in a press release. “For season 3, the series employed 86 secondary roles, more than 500 extras and 96 local technicians. The team is mainly from Reunion. participate in the discovery of talents”.

Another bonus to come with Thomas Jouannet

Before embarking on this unprecedented third batch, France 3 will rebroadcast on Monday August 1 at 2:05 p.m. the bonus of season 2 which welcomed guests of choice Olivier Marchal (The Crimson Rivers) and Samir Boitard (Elise’s Secret).

As for season 3, made up of a total of 18 episodes of 52 minutes, it will offer us a second exceptional investigation as a bonus next Thursday at 9:10 p.m.

Entitled “Angelo”, this double episode will be marked by the presence in the credits of Thomas Jouannetwell known to fans of Nina and of Satin the role of police captain Angelo Ferrier, a free spirit with a dubious reputation who will be suspected by Clarissa and her team of being linked to the murder of a robber recently released from prison.

And the other good news is that a season 4 is already filming! A sign that OPJ still has a bright future ahead of it.

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