Operation Portugal, Brice de Nice, Chouchou: 5 heroes of sketches that have become feature films

Operation portugal, brice de nice, chouchou: 5 heroes of sketches that have become feature films

On the occasion of the release of “Operation Portugal”, a feature film derived from the successful sketch by comedian D’Jal on the Portuguese, focus on 5 characters from sketches who have become movie heroes.

Operation Portugal

D’jal is the headliner of Operation Portugal, in theaters this Wednesday. This feature film is inspired by the greatest success of this comedian from the Jamel Comedy Club, the sketch The Portugese, a sequence noticed in particular thanks to the Marrakech du rire. The video of this sketch would accumulate 20 million views on Youtube.

As the director Franck Cimière explains, “This project was born in D’Jal’s head, and it’s a mess in his head, there are a thousand ideas a second. He mastered this Portuguese character and he had the idea of ​​putting him in the situation of an undercover cop. Which fits him like a glove. My role at the start was to put all his ideas away and structure them to tell a story. With characters we believe in. “

According to D’jal, his character Hakim is someone “full of good will, but the costume he has to wear is too big for him“. And to add:”He tries to convince himself that he can be a great cop because he would like to make his father proud of him, but in reality he is a rather mediocre cop. At the same time, he struggles to detach himself from his mother who has excessive love for him because she herself is in need of love and tries to compensate for this lack by becoming ultra-protective of her son. He too is in need of love but does not know it until he finds out with Julia“.

But who killed Pamela Rose?

Before Mais qui killed Pamela Rose (2003) and Mais qui re-killed Pamela Rose (2012), agents Bullit and Riper made the heyday of the Comédie! Channel, where Kad & O (Kad Merad and Olivier Baroux) imagined nearly 200 episodes of their adventures in the early 2000s.

The two films released at the cinema then made it possible to nudge the films whose characters are inspired, and to bring in many guests.

Originally, the Bullit and Riper tandem was born on the airwaves. We will therefore not be completely surprised to learn that a 3rd part has been released, in a completely sound version, for Canal +. Under the very simple title Bullit and Riper, this sound suite was broadcast on CANAL + last December and is available on myCANAL. Bullit and Riper is available in two formats (1x90min or 6x15min).


Small ads in the skylight … on the big screen! The feature film Cyprien marked the passage to the cinema of the famous character imagined by Elie Semoun, always in search of a “busty blonde“.

At the time of the film’s release, Elie Semoun looked back on the genesis of this character: “I had the idea years ago: a guy, who was walking down the street below my house with big glasses and a huge walkman helmet on his head, was singing as if he was alone in the world. . Seeing him, I wondered how a guy like that could manage to bang a “pretty blonde with big breasts”. It all started with the gap between his appearance and what I thought were his dreams, as with all my characters, by the way.. ”The film recorded nearly 700,000 admissions when it was released in theaters in 2009.

Brice from Nice

In 1995, Jean Dujardin imagined the character of Brice de Nice, which he played in his first shows with the Carré blanc troupe, which would become the Nous ç Nous. This colorful character, who likes to “break” everyone, also made himself known via the “Talent Show” Seed of stars on M6.

The origin of Brice? It all started with a man named Brice, who attended the same final year class as Jean Dujardin and who spent his time breaking people down by taking himself for someone intelligent and very spiritual. In order to obtain an interesting character, the actor decided to “mix” this strange individual, archived in the back of his mind, with a surfer. The first part of Brice de Nice, released in 2005, was a great success, with nearly 4.5 million spectators. Brice 3, released in 2016, brings together 2 million spectators.

Chouchou / Coco

Gad Elmaleh has declined two of his characters from one-man show in feature films: Chouchou (2003), then Coco (2008), both from the show “La Vie Normale”, will become successful films, bringing together 4 million respectively. and 3 million spectators.

Chouchou was born from the imagination of Gad Elmaleh when he noticed one day a transvestite in Pigalle. He develops this character in his show by creating Chouchou, a transvestite in full depression “who works Place Clichy”. This sketch has become one of the most famous of the comedian.

It was the director Merzak Allouache, who encouraged Gad Elmaleh to transpose the character of Chouchou from the stage to the big screen, an idea that had already germinated in the mind of the actor. Excited by the project, the two men began to collect their ideas in bulk and then coordinate the structure of the script.

5 years after Chouchou, Gad Elmaleh adapts Coco, the story of this self-made man, started from nothing, immigrant, who has achieved in 15 years one of the most dazzling success stories of modern times thanks to his invention of wriggling water.

The film focuses on his greatest dedication to come: his son Samuel’s bar mitzvah, which will take place in six months. He invites everyone to “the national event of the year” and promises something never seen before, breathtaking, Coconut!

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