Open-Air Hotel Rooms | Escapes

Open-Air Hotel Rooms | Escapes

If you like the fact that camping allows you to stay in the middle of nowhere but you hate the reality of having to sleep on the ground in a tent, then these outdoor hotel rooms in Switzerland are made for you. Zero Real Estate has a handful of roofless, wallless rooms – that is, beds on wooden platforms – across the country, the idea being that “the landscape becomes your wallpaper.” A stay in one of the bedrooms will cost you around £ 250 and includes butler service, delivery of wine and pizza, access to washing facilities and, most importantly, an interior room to help in the event of rain.

Million Stars Hotel is another brand that does something similar, with over 50 exterior rooms in Switzerland, including mountains, city skyline and even a converted cable car. With no other buildings around, let alone people, this is the perfect social escape.

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