Onward Is Now Available on Disney Plus

Onward Is Now Available on Disney Plus
Onward Is Now Available on Disney Plus

Onward Is Now Available on Disney Plus

Onward was a big deal for Disney’s Pixar animation division, as it was the first non-sequel film from the studio in three years. But the coronavirus pandemic has caused theaters around the world to shut down for the foreseeable future. The move has caused Disney to pull off a massive move by bringing Onward to the company’s Disney Plus streaming service.

Onward was released in theaters on March 6. It was released for Disney Plus on April 3, literally four weeks after its initial theatrical debut.

Onward Is Now Available on Disney Plus
Onward Is Now Available on Disney Plus

The move is a dramatic departure from what Disney Plus has planned for its theatrical streams. Disney has an exclusivity period where its films can only appear in theaters for a few months before going to Disney Plus. The period was broken early on in the pandemic when Frozen 2 was released to Disney Plus a few months earlier than expected. Onward marks the second incidence where a film was moved to the streaming service ahead of schedule.

Trying to Recoup Money

The concern for Disney is that the coronavirus pandemic has kept Onward from grossing more money than hoped. The film grossed about $104 million in theaters worldwide over two weeks before many places had to shut down.

The film cost about $200 million to make, and the marketing for the film might end up making the work even more expensive. Disney is aiming to get more Disney Plus subscriptions to help offset the possible pandemic-related losses that have come up.

What About VOD?

Video-on-demand platforms like Apple and Amazon are also viable options for promoting Onward. But it costs $19.99 to rent on VOD, which has been seen as too high by some viewers. The point is despite how it can cost $10 to $15 per person to see the film in a theater.

Disney Plus provides a cheaper option, as it is available for $6.99 per month. The belief is that Onward could bring in more money through Disney Plus.

What About Other Productions?

Disney and its Fox division have still planned on releasing many films in the future. The new Pixar film Soul is slated to be released in June. But whether that film will be released on time is unclear. Other Disney and Fox films that will appear later in the year that could experience delays include the Kingsman sequel the King’s Man and Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of West Side Story.

Some other Disney and Fox films have been pushed back. Artemis Fowl was removed from its May release date, while Wes Anderson’s new film the French Dispatch has been moved from July to October.

Other films like Mulan and the New Mutants have had their releases postponed indefinitely. There has been some pressure to try and release these films on Disney Plus, but there is also a belief that these films would bring in more money when they are eventually released in the theaters. The same may also be said for Fox and Searchlight films that could appear on Hulu, which Disney also operates and offers as part of a bundle with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus.

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