‘Only Murders in the Building’: Who Killed Tim Meet the First Suspects

‘Only Murders in the Building’: Who Killed Tim Meet the First Suspects

Only Murders in the building is the new mystery-comedy series featuring Martin Short, Selena Gomez and Steve Martin.

The series is set in modern-day New York. It follows Charles (Martin), Oliver, and Mabel (Gomez), who are strangers but bond over their obsessions with true crime and the loss of a neighbor.

The police believe it is suicide at the moment, but Charles, Oliver and Mabel have other theories.

Only murders in the building
Only murders in the building

“Only Murders in the Building” Episode 1 Recap

Charles and Martin are running down the stairs, screaming, when they see Mabel hovering above a corpse. She shouts, “It’s different from what it looks like!”

The episode jumps back to two years earlier when we are introduced to the three main characters. We then follow them down the streets of New York City as they walk. Charles, Mabel and Oliver are struggling actors. Oliver is an eccentric director who enjoys a glass of wine every now and again.

Although they may be strangers at the moment, little do they realize that their lives will become intertwined due to the most bizarre of circumstances.

They then meet up in an apartment building elevator. The trio barely speak to one another even though a tall, business-suited young man (later called Tim) intervenes.

Tim is talking on the phone with what appears to be a stressful conversation. Later, it was suspected that the conversation was about Bunny, a neighbor, collecting a parcel from him.

The trio go about their normal lives, but they are connected by one thing: a podcast that focuses on true crime in Oklahoma.

They listen attentively as the fire alarm sounds in the building just as Beau (the dog’s name) is about to reveal the strange item in his mouth.

Side note: While everyone is racing down the stairs, someone in a white hood is running up the stairs.

As they wait to re-enter their building, our favorite trio are reunited in a restaurant. They discuss their shared love for true-crime podcasts and the mystery of Beau’s mouth.

They return to their apartment building to try to re-enter, but a body was discovered on the ninth floor. Mabel instructs them to use the freight elevator to reach the eighth floor, instead of staying outside. This does not sound like Mabel’s first criminal scene.

The trio is inspired by “All is Not Okay in Oklahoma” and decides to do their own detective work. They head to the garbage room to search for bags. There they find several suicide notes in the trash bin. But are they Tim’s?

Charles, Oliver, Selena continue to be fascinated by true crime and set up their own podcast to investigate Tim’s murder. It is appropriately named “Only Murders in the Building”, which is a plural of murder, to foreshadow what’s to come.

Charles said that the episode began with him saying, “Here’s what I don’t understand, people concerned about living in big cities because of all the crime. True-crime enthusiasts will tell you that it’s not the crime you should be concerned about. Let’s face the facts, no one ever found 19 bodies in the backyard of a 14-story apartment block. You are constantly being watched here.”

Who was responsible for Tim’s death? Meet the first suspects

1. Mabel

Mabel is a fascinating, but unnerving character.

When we first meet her, she sits next to a corpse covered in blood.

She is staying in an empty apartment, and the walls are covered with sketches of faces. Either she is an artist, or she sketches her victims. It’s impossible to know at this time.

Mabel also shared her nightmares about stabbing a man with a knitting needle at the bottom end of her bed. Mabel also spoke fondly about her childhood with Charles, and how she was part of The Hardy Boys, a group of friends that solved imaginary mysteries.

Mabel is the most obvious clue. A photograph taken in her apartment shows her and Tim at what appears to be a graduation ceremony. The caption reads “My Hardy Boys”, suggesting that the pair were more then just friends.

2. Bunny

Mabel has a neighbor named Bunny. This is the woman Tim was trying retrieve a package.

Charlie and Mabel broke into Mabel’s apartment and took the package. They opened it to find a large diamond ring.

It is not clear why the diamond ring was found in an over-sized cardboard box. Bunny is also not revealed. However, Bunny clearly has ties to the victim of the murder so it is impossible to rule her out as a suspect.

3. The figure in the white jumper

Someone ran up the stairs in a white-hooded jumper while everyone was extricating the apartment block from the fire alarm.

Mabel arrived late at the bar where Charles, Oliver and Oliver were seated. Could it have been Mabel or someone else trying hide their identities?

3. Charles

Charles is the only witness to the fact that he is obsessed by true crime. He is also a big advocate for the trio to concentrate on murders that take place within the building.

Does it seem possible that he is trying to keep the case close to his chest to avoid being caught?

4. Oliver

Oliver is currently the least likely suspect due to his chaotic, but loving personality.

Oliver seems to be too busy making friends with Charles and Mabel, and is too focused on his family and keeping them happy, to consider taking on another man’s role in Oliver’s life.

Oliver might be hiding from plain sight. Oliver knows his apartment block like the back of his hand, and even tells his son that it’s all he cares about.

Only Murders in the Building’s first three episodes are now streaming on Hulu, Star on Disney + and Star on Disney +. The 5 remaining episodes will air on Tuesdays on Hulu or Star on Disney+.

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