Only Murders in the Building: the star that Selena Gomez dreams of seeing in the Disney+ series -…

Launched on June 28 on Disney+, the second season of Only Murders in the Building once again brings together the trio formed by Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Martin Short. On this occasion, the stars of the series confide in our microphone.

Less than a year after its 1st season, the detective comedy Only Murders in the Building is already back on Disney+ much to the delight of fans. In this second burst of episodes, Mabel, Charles and Oliver must once again lead the investigation following the murder of a neighbor known to all, and they could well be the main suspects… On this occasion, meeting with Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Martin Short.

AlloCiné: What can we expect from this new season of Only Murders in the Building?

Martin Short: We can’t say anything! [Rires]

Steve Martin: Me, I can. Another murder is going to be solved by the trio, with many twists throughout the season, and you’ll meet some unusual characters.

Martin Short: Wow, you had already thought about your answer!

There is a real chemistry between you three on the screen. How did your reunion go?

Martin Short: I think we had a very good chemistry from the start, that’s how I felt. In season one, our first big scene together is in a restaurant. Everyone managed to integrate perfectly into this sequence, and we continued on this momentum.

Steve Martin: From the second season, I think we also had a real relationship, a camaraderie, much more relaxed, like any other trio, so it really worked.

Only murders in the building: the star that selena gomez dreams of seeing in the disney+ series -...

Sting was one of your neighbors in season one, Amy Schumer joined you this season. What other celebrity would you like to welcome to the Arconia?

Selena Gomez : Meryl Streep is welcome! [Rires]

Steve Martin: I would very much like Steven Spielberg plays its own role. Charles and Oliver would go absolutely nuts if Steven Spielberg came to the Arconia. They would pitch him new ideas all the time!

What do you like most about your character?

Martin Short: His optimism! Oliver could have given up many times because of his failures in the theater, his marriage, the tensions with his son, but he never did. He remained optimistic and continues to believe that he can still achieve anything. I love that.

Selena Gomez : I love the balance that Mabel brings to the general chaos. It’s very fun for me to play opposite these two complex and funny characters, I like to play the mediator.

Steve Martin: Charles is a very shy and reserved person, but in the second season we see him come out of his shell a bit more and become more involved in the world around him, and those are fun things to play and observe in his character.

Only murders in the building: the star that selena gomez dreams of seeing in the disney+ series -...

Only Murders in the Building deals with dark, sometimes even tragic themes: murders, a poisoned animal, the theft of a painting… while being a perfect comedy! What is the most important ingredient to make the audience laugh in any situation?

Steve Martin: Surprise, I think is important. Something you don’t expect. There are many ways to make people laugh. It can be a line, a physical reaction, a twist in the scene, the arrival of an unexpected person… There are so many ways to do it, and Martin [Short] and I, we’ve been in this environment for a long time: we recognize all these approaches in the writing of the screenplay.

Discover now the first two episodes of the 2nd season of Only Murders in the Building on Disney+, before a weekly broadcast every Tuesday.

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