OnePlus 8 Pro Are Out? Leaks, Details and release date

OnePlus 8 Pro Are Out? Leaks, Details and release date

The Chinese smartphone company OnePlus has leaked some new details on its upcoming OnePlus 8 Pro phone. The phone will compete alongside the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Huawei P40.

The official announcement for the OnePlus 8 Pro will be revealed on April 14. The details that have come out so far suggest that this will be the most powerful phone that OnePlus has ever released. It will come with 5G support, and it will also feature a chipset similar to what Samsung has been using in some of its most powerful models.

OnePlus 8 Pro
OnePlus 8 Pro Are Out? Leaks, Details and release date 1

Snapdragon 865 Support

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset will make up a vital part of the OnePlus 8 Pro’s functionality. The chipset is the same one used in the Galaxy S20. The chipset works at up to 2.84 GHz to produce a more powerful setup that works with 5G signals.

What Screen Works?

The screen size appears to be around six inches when measured diagonally. The total is identical to what the Galaxy S20 uses. But what makes the screen distinct is that it uses a 120Hz refresh rate for more accurate responses and easier viewing. The 120Hz rate is also more powerful than the 90Hz rate that the Huawei P40 uses.

The OnePlus 8 Pro refresh rate is also higher than the expected rate for the standard OnePlus 8 model. That original base model will feature a 90Hz rate. Not much else is known about the base model, although details on that one will be released at the same time as the Pro one.

Great Camera Support

The camera features in the OnePlus 8 Pro include two 48-megapixel sensors. There will be one wide-angle camera with an f/1.78 aperture, and an ultrawide model with an f/2.2 aperture. There will also be a separate 5-megapixel sensor used for recording added color data. A night portrait option will be available here. The optical image stabilization feature will also enhance the total functionality of the camera.

A 16-megapixel selfie sensor is also included in the camera body. The sensor would be one of the more powerful models on the market.

Wireless Charging Support

30W wireless charging support will be a vital part of the new phone. Wireless charging is critical for phones, thanks to how well it works without having to use an outside wire that might not be work on all outlets.

What Will the Price Be?

It is unclear what the final price of the OnePlus 8 Pro will be. The OnePlus 7 Pro was worth $800, although that total was less than what many other similar phones were worth.

What About the Competition?

There is one more detail to mention about the OnePlus 8 Pro, and that point involves how it might face some added competition. While the new phone will appear on April 14, there are rumors that Apple may also announce its newest iPhone model that same day. The move could add stress to OnePlus to try and highlight features that make this phone distinct.

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