One Punch Man: a live film for the manga by the writers of Venom – Cinema News

One Punch Man: a live film for the manga by the writers of Venom – Cinema News

The manga “One Punch Man” will soon be a live action feature by the writers of the film “Venom”!

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The adaptation to the cinema of the manga One Punch Man seemed inevitable, and it is now official: Sony Pictures studios announced tonight the development of a feature film entrusted to the writers Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner, authors including scripts of Venom and from Jumanji: next level. A choice that is all in all encouraging, making it clear that the company has high hopes in this adaptation project, the tandem having worked on two of the most lucrative franchises currently owned by Sony.

As a reminder, One Punch Man follows the adventures of Saitama, a jaded superhero because his immense strength allows him to knock down his enemies with a single punch; unable to find a suitable opponent, the latter will nevertheless find it difficult to be taken seriously by the Association of Heroes because of its atypical appearance. Adapted as an animated series (two seasons), One Punch Man had seen the French rapper Orelsan lend his voice to the hero Saitama. It now remains to be seen who will lend his features to the “bald caped” in this version in real shots …

The animated series One Punch Man can be found now on Netflix and ADN; the 19 volumes of the manga were distributed in France by the publisher Kurokawa.

The trailer for the animated series One Punch Man with the voice of Orelsan:

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