One Piece on Netflix: how the showrunner of the live series obtained the approval of the creator

One Piece on Netflix: how the showrunner of the live series obtained the approval of the creator

Screenwriter Matt Owens returned to his personal relationship with the manga “One Piece”, also discussing how he managed to convince author Eiichiro Oda to validate his plan to adapt a live-action series for Netflix.

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We have known for a little while: One Piece, the best-selling manga in the world with more than 360 million copies sold, will soon be the subject of a live-action series adaptation on the Netflix platform. . An ambitious project, whose budget could exceed that of Game of Thrones, inevitably awaited by the fans of the original work, while the interpreters of Luffy and his band have not yet been unveiled.

Guest on an American podcast (via, screenwriter and showrunner Matt Owens spoke about the latest news from the series; if a shoot is not yet on the agenda, Covid-19 obliges, the latter nevertheless took the opportunity to discuss his meeting with the author Eiichiro Oda. A decisive meeting for obtaining adaptation rights, organized in the premises of the magazine Weekly Shônen Jump which publishes the chapters of the manga every week One piece :

We had a three hour meeting in the Jump office to talk about strategy, and our take on the story, I needed to make her understand that I know and love the story of her manga. He understood what we had in mind, but he was still on the reserve, which I can understand. After the meeting, we went to have dinner together at the restaurant… and he apologized to me.

If the first meeting with Eiichiro Oda did not take place under the best auspices, the prolonged conversation with Matt Owens will nevertheless have allowed the screenwriter to express to the Japanese author all the love he feels for his work, but also the importance she played in her own life, in particular by helping her to overcome a difficult phase of depression.

I told him that when I was twenty I went through a very, very difficult period of depression. I was looking for a series to occupy my mind and not think of anything else. I had started reading One Piece in high school when I was into anime, but I hadn’t hooked at that time. (…) And so, I made the decision to give One Piece another chance. I told Oda that one of the best things about One Piece is that it’s a story where every character has experienced tragedies in the past, but it’s not those aspects that define them. What defines them is how they tap into that energy to move forward. And it is a path that they do not have to take alone. No one in this world has to be alone. When we find people to motivate us and cheer us up, then we have the greatest power there is. And it is precisely this story that I want to tell in the series.

It was only after having opened his heart in this way that Owens obtained the blessing of Eiichiro Oda, a much needed agreement to undertake the adaptation of one of the most popular works in the world. It will now remain to show the same sincerity and the same intentions to convince fans with this live action version of the manga, each announcement of which will be commented, dissected, criticized for better … or worse.

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