One Piece: 1000 episodes, so what? 5 good reasons to get started!

Why do you have to watch the animated series “One Piece”, the complete of which (including more than 1000 episodes!) Can be found exclusively on DNA?

One piece: 1000 episodes, so what? 5 good reasons to get started!
Tôei Animation Company

Today considered essential, the One Piece series also remains difficult to catch up, due to its length; with more than 1000 episodes on the clock (and 100 volumes for his manga, published by Glénat), being up to date would require no less than 333 hours of viewing, or nearly fourteen full days!

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, here are five great reasons to catch up with the full One piece, available on the ADN platform!


The success of a series is not only based on a charismatic hero, but also on the presence of endearing supporting characters. What would Dragon Ball be without Vegeta, Piccolo or even Krilin, or even Naruto without Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi? To this rule, One piece is no exception, as the series made sure to surround its main protagonist Monkey D. Luffy with a slew of iconic characters.

From Zoro, the former pirate hunter dreaming of becoming the best swordsman in the world to Nami, a bounty hunter freed from her slavery to embark with Luffy, not to mention Sanji, the heir to a famous family of assassins with whom he cut the bridges, or even Nico Robin, once a renowned criminal and now a central member of the Straw Hat crew …

Corn One piece, it is also anthological villains (Doflamingo, Crocodile, Kaido, Blackbeard …), as well as recurring characters that we adore: from the seven great privateers to the four emperors of the sea, including the troops from the Navy or even members of the Revolutionaries’ small group, everyone will have the opportunity to choose their favorite characters from among the hundreds encountered by Luffy during his adventures!


Anyone who has never crushed a tear before One piece never saw the series! Because in 1000 episodes, the anime has been able to play the card of emotion on multiple occasions: whether it is the death of emblematic characters, the many flashbacks that dot its story, painful pasts that resurface … The story of One piece is above all those of souls broken by painful trials.

To become attached to characters is to accompany them in all the emotions they feel during their adventures. And if we get into the habit of laughing alongside them soon enough, or cheering them on in each of their battles, we will also have to share their sorrows, and cry like any other member of the Straw Hat Pirates. during the darkest moments of their wanderings.

One piece: 1000 episodes, so what? 5 good reasons to get started!
Tôei Animation Company


Sure, One piece is above all a comedy series. And if she knows how to move us on occasions, the latter will make us laugh even more, through many incredible situations. From Luffy’s gargantuan appetite to Zoro’s nonexistent sense of direction, Chopper’s naivety, Usopp’s cowardice, we can no longer count the giggles provoked by the characters of One piece since the start of the series!

Beyond these hilarious characters, the comedic situations never cease to follow one another. Whether it is simple details (for example each character has their own specific laugh), to the flashes of genius of the series (the caricatured portrait of Sanji on his wanted poster which provokes the fury of his “double”, Duval ), the genius of One piece also lies in its ability to constantly renew itself to find new ways to make us laugh with each episode.


1000 episodes on the clock therefore. Granted, this isn’t the longest-running animated series of all time (or the manga, for that matter). Nevertheless, the longevity of One piece implies that the series has been in continuous air since October 1999! On the manga side, the work of Eiichiro Oda is not left out, since its chapters have been in publication since the summer of 1997 on a weekly basis: thus, One piece will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year!

For your general knowledge, know that the longest manga of all time is Dokaben, with 205 volumes. His record could nevertheless be broken by the legendary Golgo 13 (202 volumes to date), in continuous publication since … 1968! On the side of animation series, it’s Sazae-san which holds the all-time record with more than 2,500 episodes on the clock (the series is still in production).


One of the great mysteries of One piece is obviously its denouement. Just like the Gol D. Roger treasure, coveted by all pirates but whose content is unknown to anyone, only the author of the manga Eiichiro Oda knows the end of the series. Many fan theories exist, but the latter never wanted to deliver the slightest clue about the end of the adventures of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates.

The series currently does not have an end date, so it is not too late to start catching up with the broadcast, and join the countless fans of One piece before hoping to discover the long-awaited outcome of what will remain as the most iconic Japanese animated series of the 2000s!

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